Popular stereotypes

There are many stereotypes about different places that are actually wrong. For example, many of us were used to everyone thinking that Russia is a country of eternal winter, where white bears walk quietly through the streets of cities, and they are all fond of vodka. But all of this is nothing more than a cliché.

For that reason, on Reddit they decided to refute myths and prejudices about different countries. After reading them, you will discover many new things about various countries of the world, as we did.


Popular stereotypes

No, we no longer live in yurts and we don’t ride horses every day.


Popular stereotypes

Not all Spaniards know how to dance flamenco, bullfights are not as popular as many people believe. And we don’t eat paella every day.

Yes, we have naps every day. Not true, sometimes we have two naps. It’s a prank.
In fact, I never sleep after lunch, but it is true that most older people do.

As a general rule, most stores are closed from 12: 00-13: 00 to 16: 00-17: 00. All employees have time to go home to dinner with their family and sleep before going back to work. Such a tradition appeared due to the high temperature. In the summer, at noon, it is very hot, which makes it completely impossible to do anything. And in August, the whole country is practically paralyzed and almost no one works. Only tourist establishments work as before, but most factories and companies are closed for a whole month. I used to think they did it all over the world.


People think that we are all Russian and we speak Russian, or our language and culture are very similar to Russian. This is all a lie, most young people hardly know a couple of swear words in Russian. And the older generation knows the language only because in their youth they lived under Soviet rule. Other people believe that the Baltic states have a common culture and language. Estonian is a completely separate language, more like Finnish and a little bit Hungarian (Latvian and Lithuanian are in a completely different linguistic branch). Some people also think that we live in a post-Soviet anti-utopian world, which is underdeveloped and in which there is no Internet and we lack clean water. However, Estonia is one of the most developed IT countries in the world.


Popular stereotypes

People often think that we are hungry.

Modern Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Recently, for the first time in the country’s history, a woman became president, and now the country is experiencing significant infrastructure growth. Of course, rural areas still face many problems with medicine, food and water, but in general Ethiopia is in full economic expansion.


Popular stereotypes

Once, someone decided that only wild animals and runners live in this country. That is what everyone believes.


It’s amazing how many people confuse Austria and Australia!

We do not wear lederhose – a typical Bavarian long or short leather trousers – all year round and we do not drink beer every day. Also, 99% of the people who live here cannot sing. Although Austria is famous for its Alps, mountains are not found throughout the country. By the way, we do not have kangaroos, and we sincerely regret what happened because of Hitler and make people think that he is German.


Popular stereotypes

Everyone believes that only Roma live in this country, although in reality they only represent about 3% of the population.


Popular stereotypes

People really think that we have llamas as pets. And we live in huts made of reed.


Popular stereotypes

Some people think that we only eat Greek yogurt, Greek feta cheese, olive oil, and drink wine. Also, we dance and break dishes every day. We do not do this at all.

Czech Republic

Popular stereotypes

Some people believe that we are still Czechoslovakia. No, we parted ways in 1993.


Popular stereotypes

“Wait, what is this? Is it a city? ” – “No, it is a small country between Switzerland and Austria.” The only thing we can boast of is that half the world doesn’t even know we exist.

The area of ​​this dwarf state is only 160 km². To compare: the area of ​​Mexico City is 1495 km².


Popular stereotypes

Tourists often think that Bali is an independent country.


Popular stereotypes

There are a lot of stereotypes about Russia and Russians. The Culture Trip website has compiled the most common ones.

  • The climate in Russia is very harsh.
  • All Russians are in some way connected to the mafia.
  • All Russians drink vodka.
  • All beautiful girls date only representatives of the criminal world.
  • All Russian women are housewives.
  • Russians keep bears as pets.
  • Russian literature is mainly Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky.
  • All Russians are very nostalgic for the USSR.
  • In winter, everyone wears hats with ear flaps.
  • Russians often add dill to all dishes.
  • All women dress very well and put on makeup, even for shopping.
  • They are all incredibly superstitious.

And you, could you refute the stereotypes about any country?