Goa: trance, drugs, dancing in the desert

Goa: trance, drugs, dancing in the desert

Goa Is the antipode of a big city. People who do not want to work from ten to seven and do not see the point in the battle for a career aspire here. What they want to achieve in life is not measured in thousands of dollars and in horsepower. Goa Is a place for those who have chosen a life without money, without problems, without obligations.

Real Indian exoticism in Goa a little: the Portuguese lived here for several centuries. For most tourists, however, this is only a plus, since the exoticism of India often represents dirt and excessive intrusiveness of local residents. In a small area of ​​Goa, India has the highest standard of living, the most developed communication network, the lowest crime rate and the same low birth rate. Goa Are white beaches, colonial villas, spices, cashews and rice fields that yield three harvests a year.

The state is divided into North and South Goa… In the south, there are five-star hotels and all-inclusive reservations for wealthy Europeans. There is also high-quality housing in the North. But for those who come there, it doesn’t matter. The population of the North – immigrants from Europe and America, proudly calling themselves “Goa People”. Some of them came here back in the 70s after the Beatles and still live. Others, moving around the planet following the weather, stayed here for the winter and rented a house under a roof of palm leaves for $ 30. Shaved or dyed heads, tattoos and piercings – their appearance is as unusual as the place they have chosen to live in. Sometimes “Goa People” live in communes: someone cooks food, someone paints pictures, and someone just gets high and has the right to do so.

Music that’s too much

They invented the music themselves. It was called “goa-trance”, and five years later the new style became the most fashionable feature of the “major” European clubs. The place obliged to psychedelics, so the flow was based on the monotonous repetition of one signal at regular intervals, from which the brain was disconnected. The progenitors were New Beat, Gothic, New Wave, Industrial, Electro, Detroit and Psychedelic Rock.

Now goa-trance is called one of the most progressive and intellectual trends in modern electronic music. This is a whole culture with its own traditions, writers, artists. An explosive mixture of Eastern religion, philosophy and acid, where, along with musical instruments, they use the croaking of frogs, barking dogs, children’s crying and Krishna howls. It was possible to get inspired to create such music only here, in Goa, so many musicians settled on the local beaches and moved their expensive studios. “Goa trance“Was intended for listening in an open space, and after a while Goa became famous as the coast of crazy parties.

Dancing in the desert

Trans parties Goa They do not at all look like a disco in the shade of coconut trees and do not resemble an ordinary club party either. People selflessly dance in the open air in deserted beautiful places: in the forest, desert, on the beach, in an ancient castle. Sea and palm trees, stars, bonfires, blue lamps, clothes reflecting light: there is so much energy here that you can feel it with your whole body.

Goa-party is a mystical act. They are organized exclusively “on a voluntary basis”, and most often no one takes money for the entrance. But getting there, nevertheless, is problematic. Trans-parties are always secrets, legends and understatements. However, there are several places where you can be the first to know about the party. Near Vagator these are Primrose bar, Spaghetti-Beach, Tel-Aviv beach and Disco-Valley. IN Ajuna – Shore Bar and Guru Bar. But even here you can sit every evening for a whole week, and not get anywhere: goa-secrets are kept so carefully that even DJs may not know until the last moment where they will play.

But everyone knows what exactly will sound there. Only in Goa you can hear music that has not yet been released and, most likely, will never be released. Most of the authors of crazy trance songs last visited Europe 10 years ago and will never carry their record to a producer. And even if such an album is published, only those who were at that party will want to buy it …

Scorpion sting

Music that hits the brain at a speed of 140 beats per minute does not require any additional stimulants. But what to hide, drugs at trance parties are very popular. And if smoking hashish has always been present in Indian culture, then the use of heroin, catemin and LSD came there with white people. Every year in the North Goa dozens of those killed by hard drugs are being buried. Marijuana is smoked here openly in cafes and on the beaches. Aesthetics are even offered a fashionable exotic drug – the venom of a live scorpion. An insect bite costs only $ 3-4.

But don’t take it too lightly, especially if you’re not a millionaire. The fact is that for possession of one “joint” with marijuana in Indian law, imprisonment for up to 10 years is implied. Those who do not want to go there pay bakshish (ransom) to the local police. Apparently, not everyone can afford it – prisons Goa full of visitors. But, most importantly, more and more Goa People are giving up drugs of their own accord. They just go through them, like a step in their own development, opening their hearts Goa and the unique spirit of freedom that only hovers here.


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