Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh

Arrived in Sharm el-Sheikh on the night of Saturday to Sunday (September 26-27). I flew alone.

The hotel is called Rehana Royal Beach Resort. 5 stars. The hotel is new, it’s a year for him. Construction is still going on in some places (it does not interfere, since there is no noise).

The food was very monotonous. Crowds of people flee for lunch and in the evening to feed. This is a minus. On the other hand, there was almost no one for breakfast – by seven or eight in the morning we went.

The majority of Russians are in the hotel. Ukrainians are also decent. You can already at 10 in the morning on the beach to see the gentlemen who order just vodka in the bar in pure Russian. At 10 am, by the way, the air temperature is already under 40 degrees.

Lucky with a view from the room – under the window is the pool – on the left is the sea.

The sea is very beautiful. The fish are swimming right next to you. The reef is beautiful. And it’s warm, you don’t have to climb out for hours …

Sharm El Sheikh

The entrance to the sea is from the pontoon. You go down – about two meters still corals under your feet – and then an abyss. We had a depth of 40 meters near the hotel, they say. Well, I probably did not check further for increasing. J At first, it’s scary, but since the water holds well (very salty), it’s not scary anymore. They frightened that the shark was swimming near the shore (herbivorous truth, but six meters – from the reports of tourists from this hotel) – I did not see it.

On the bus on the way to the hotel from the airport, I met one of the fellow travelers on the tour, on a jeep safari from the second. The three of us basically held on.

On Sunday morning we met with the guide, walked around the hotel territory, which, I must say, is rather big, bought slippers for corals etc. – they got to the sea only in the evening.

Monday is the sea.

Sharm El Sheikh

Tuesday – jeep safari. This excursion includes a trip in the desert in a jeep, lunch with the Bedouins, swimming in the bay, riding a camel, visiting a perfume shop. There were much fewer fish in this bay than near the hotel.

Wednesday and Thursday – sea.

Excursion to Cairo from Thursday to Friday. The trip includes a boat trip along the Nile, a museum in Cairo, the pyramids and the sphinx in Giza.

Just arrived from Cairo (on the night from Friday to Saturday) – late dinner and a few hours later transfer to the airport. Early Saturday morning plane.

That is, they did not have time to look back, and already back …

Sharm El Sheikh

Some tips:

It is better to settle in Egypt in Egyptian pounds. It is not profitable in dollars. And dollars are not accepted everywhere …

The Egyptians have problems with accepting payment cards. Only when the purchase amount starts from $ 30 (~ 150 Egyptian pounds), on average, they begin to accept, even in stores, not to mention the shops. Payment terminals are not everywhere, in contrast to Europe, for example.

Souvenirs and hookahs are cheap near the pyramids in Giza – bargain.

On excursions, you may be taken to shops selling various oils – musk, amber etc. Be careful – prices in such shops can vary two to three times! And specifically in these shops, the discount will not be from bargaining, but from the purchased volume. I was on excursions in two shops: the difference in price is large, in the assortment – none.

What surprised me in Egypt was the driving style – they generally drive at random and constantly beep. The guide said that in principle they do not take their rights and a penalty for an oncoming lane of 10 bucks, for example. And if you get caught, then, having paid, you can continue to drive in the opposite lane on this day, showing the receipt – I paid J

Arab women bathe in their clothes in the sea. Apparently something religious. But it looks a little wild – how they went to do their laundry …

The Arabs are terribly addictive, both about dragging them into their shop and not letting them go without a purchase, and about tips – they do not hesitate to ask for J at all, at least in the hotel, even on the bus, at least on excursions – everywhere.

The sea outweighs all the cons …

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