Finland and Sweden on January holidays

Finland and Sweden on January holidays

I flew from Yekaterinburg to St. Petersburg early in the morning of January 4th. At 9 am I went on a sightseeing tour.
At lunchtime, I met with 2 girls from Ekb, who arrived in St. Petersburg by train. With them I went on an excursion to Tsarskoe Selo. In the evening I met a guy with whom we were to live on a ferry in the same cabin.
At midnight from 4 to 5 January we got on a bus (more on that below) and went to Finland. We passed the border normally, almost imperceptibly, early in the morning – we are in Helsinki. Survey, free time, walked around the city. A cup of a cafe with a bun – 4 euros. The price is refreshing, of course. For lunch, a buffet in a cafe – 8 euros. Refill your plate until you get tired. This is contraindicated for me, since greed is off scale (more on that later :-)))) Then we walked around Helsinki and took pictures. By the way, almost immediately, as we boarded the bus, I practically did not communicate with fellow travelers from Ekb. Teamed up with a neighbor on the bus (a young lady from Moscow, 25 years old), a couple of 22-24 years old from the front seat, and a cellmate in the cabin (24 g). So we drove on – from 2 to 5 people.
Prices in Finland: a cup of coffee and a bun € 4, a buffet in a cafe € 8, in the evening Finland and Sweden on January holidayson the ferry (when they plunged into Sweden) buffet dinner 32 euros (with alcohol), a pot at the station 1 euro. Most of the people are friendly. One foreigner even turned around for us and went to show us where the exchanger at the station was. In the evening we plunged onto the ferry (hefty, 12 decks !!!)
Dinner 32 euros, as I said, a lot of dishes and everything is delicious. We climbed the ferry. There is a terrible wind on the observation deck (count 12 floors). I climbed up above the glass barriers, I feel right now the cap will go away, the wind is just hellish, tears back, in short, it’s just scary.
From what surprised me on the ferry, besides the scale, – when we were already going to sleep, we saw crowds of people thumping right on the floor and on sofas in the halls – Finns or Swedes. And then in the morning, when they went to breakfast, they were the same, but only sleeping side by side on the floor (!). So much for the foreigners. As our guide told us, some people just buy a ferry ticket and drink all night, and in the morning they go back.

In the morning, we collected our little things for the bus, which was traveling with us in the same ferry. The next evening there was another ferry. Finland and Sweden on January holidaysAccordingly, we did not pass the border to Sweden as such. In Sweden, crowns cost about 50 euros = 500 crowns. I dined for 150 CZK at the Astrid Lindgren Museum. Entrance to museums for 100 CZK.
So, in the morning there will be a survey of Stockholm, then to museums, then free time.
We visited 3 museums – Vasya (I don’t know the name in Swedish, in short, like a sunken ship, they raised and made a museum for this ship), the Astrid Lindgren Museum (more girls insisted on it), and Aquarius (fish), I don’t know why, but he is also a museum, in short. The bus did not wait for us, and we got to the meeting place in the evening (to the so-called old town) ourselves. Faced with the fact that it is impossible to buy a bus ticket on the bus itself. At the stop, you could only buy a tram. Savages, in general, these are Swedes. We went on foot, got there in 40 minutes. Personally, I know English at a minimum – it does not interfere at all, the very basics are enough, they asked, for example, Old town (old town) and understood everything.
At lunchtime, for example, too – that I did not understand, I pointed to the plate – I say THIS. At the Astrid Lindgren Museum tasted karlson meatballs (apparently carlson meatballs :-)))))
In the evening we plunged into another ferry – smaller and worse – and drove back to Finland …
Finland and Sweden on January holidaysIn Finland, in Helsinki, we went to the same cafe, where you can make an unlimited number of approaches for 8 euros, and apparently this is where I overdid it. All the way back to Peter I felt sick. In short, there is no need to be greedy. And the next day in St. Petersburg I lay down until lunchtime, then did not eat until the paravoz (in general, it does not look like me). In short, he ate great. Others did not have such problems … In general, it is my own fault …
Well, something like that.
now the cons.
1. at the very beginning of the trip, when they were looking for our bus near the Oktyabrskaya Hotel in St. Petersburg, we were scouring through the frost, but could not find it. A bunch of tourist buses that came and went. That is, the organization is weak.
2. The fact that I received a visa, I found out, in fact, on the bus. and not only me, there were many of them. This is also annoying.
3. A bus for such long runs could be provided with a pot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. The return ferry was worse, and the food on it was also not as varied and tasty as there.

But in general, the pluses outweighed. I have to think about where to drive to the next country :-))))))

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