Walk in the center of Jurmala

Walk in the center of Jurmala

Today I want to write about our little trip to Jurmala from Riga.

When I was planning a trip to Riga with my children, we decided in advance with them that we would definitely go to Jurmala, at least for one day. It would be just a shame not to go there, given the proximity of the distance between them.

Departure of the train from the Riga railway station. The direction we need is the trains to Tukums.

Keep in mind that the station with the name Jurmala does not exist. It is a settlement with about a dozen railway stations. If you just want to walk around the central part of Jurmala, then take a ticket to the Dzintari station or to the next Majori. The very center of Jurmala is located between them. Starting from the wonderful Dzintari Park, a concert hall, a pedestrian street and up to the embankment.

We bought tickets for the train to Majori station. 1.40 Euro – the cost of one ticket Riga – Dzintari or Riga – Majori. Discounts on tickets for children and students.

I wrote in more detail at the following link:

How to get to Jurmala and back

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”


  • The central street of Jurmala
  • Gulf of riga
  • Dzintari Park

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

The central street of Jurmala

So, having arrived at the Majori station, we went for a walk along the main street.

Gulf of riga

Then we went to the Gulf of Riga. It is worth noting what a wonderful air there is. Conifers and the sea make the air palpable, saturated with healing aromas. Even in winter it is pleasant to stroll here.

After walking along the coast of the bay and freezing a little, we went towards the Dzintari Park, simultaneously looking for a cafe where you can warm up and drink coffee. Along the way, we admired the pretty houses.

Dzintari Park

Dzintari Park disposes at first sight. Tall pine trees fill the air with a coniferous scent. The park has a variety of sports equipment, a rope park, swings for children. There are comfortable paths, a lot of benches, and a warm toilet. Roller skating tracks are highlighted.

Approximately in the middle of the park there is a tower, which can be climbed by steps.

At first, you can see trees and park paths from a low height.

Climbing higher and higher, you can see the park stretching in different directions and even the Gulf of Riga.



A funny stand where you can substitute faces. We also took a photo for memory.



Then we set off on the way back, because the sun was starting to set, it was getting cooler.

Having walked around Jurmala and breathed in fresh air, we were tired, but happy and went back to Riga. Majori station, from where they left by train.

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