Tahtali (Olympos) in Kemer

Tahtali (Olympos) in Kemer

Tahtali (Olympos) – is the business card of Kemer. We visited there in the summer of 2015, and now we are sharing our impressions with you. Prices, photos, review – in our small excursion.

Mount Tahtali is the highest mountain peak in the Turkish region of Kemer. The height of the summit is 2365 meters. Legend has it that a girl named Takh sat for a whole year on this mountain with carpets hung, waiting for the groom, hence the name.

In winter, the mountain is covered with snow, which turns reddish-brick in spring due to the winds blowing from the Sahara desert.

View from Tahtala to the coast

The cable car funicular can accommodate 80 people with a total weight of 6.5 tons. The funicular travel time is 10 minutes. During the ascent, large panoramic windows allow you to get the whole gamut of sensations from fear (like mine) to delight. At the top of the mountain it is noticeably colder, but for the hardened Urals, jackets can be omitted.

Tahtali, the departure funicular to the top

At the top of the mountain, a whole complex of 4 floors has been built, which allows you to spend time interestingly and extremely at the top: vacationing tourists can drink coffee at a height or have a snack, jump on rubber bungees or even take a paragliding flight.

Tahtali, an observation deck on the roof of the complex

A snack at altitude is quite expensive: two cappuccino, tea and a sandwich cost 17 euros:Tahtali, a cup of coffee at a local cafe

Tahtalas, jumping on elastic bands

Tahtali, paragliding from the summit

In some places in the vicinity of the peak, even at the end of June, there is still snow:

Tahtali, remnants of snow on the top

Landscapes opening from the observation deck, crystal clear air leave the most favorable impressions from the excursion:

Tahtali, view from the observation deck

Tahtali, view of the cable car and the coast of Kemer

The cost of climbing to the top is 32 euros in both directions, a child ticket (up to 16 years old) – 16 euros (both ways), children under 7 years old – free of charge.

Enjoy your rest and pleasant impressions!


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