Sterlet ear on the fire.

Sterlet ear on the fire.

Photo for the recipe: Sterlet ear on the fire.


  • pot for 5 liters:
  • water-3 l
  • oki sterlet-2 pcs. 700 g each
  • fresh potatoes-3 pieces
  • onion-1 pc
  • tomato-1 pc
  • 1 carrot
  • bunch of parsley
  • bay leaf-2 pcs
  • allspice black pepper-7-10 pieces
  • sea ​​salt

Step-by-step cooking recipe

We clean the fish, wash it, cut it into pieces.

I cut vegetables large – in quarters.

When the water boils in the pot, I put all the vegetables at once, except for the tomato and parsley.

Cook until cooked, salt.

I put pepper, bay leaf.

I spread the fish and tomato (sometimes I don’t).

I cook the fish until cooked.

When the fish soup is cooked, I take the fish out of the pot and into the cup.

Pour the fish soup into the plates and put the fish.

Pepper with black pepper if desired.

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