Slums on the outskirts of Philadelphia

Philadelphia city passing by

Philadelphia, the capital of the American state of Pennsylvania, I was able to visit only in transit, during a road trip from the east to the west of the United States. In this brief review, I would like to share my cursory impressions.

The city of Philadelphia was unattractive. On the outskirts, my path passed through poor areas. The appearance was more like some African country than the United States.

I must say that Philadelphia turned out to be a fairly compact city. Much smaller in size than the neighboring metropolitan areas of New York or Washington. Large houses can only be found in the center. City buildings at the entrance to the center are rapidly changing from low buildings to high ones.

Entrance to downtown Philadelphia

The center is densely built up. Narrow streets seem to be squeezed by the surrounding houses. 4 main roads lead to the central square, which does not exist as such. The building of the city hall (town hall) stands in the center of the square and is surrounded by roads around it.

Philadelphia City Hall

The place of the central temple next to the town hall is occupied by the Masonic Cathedral. Apparently, the Freemasons have a serious influence on this American city.


As it should be for any major US city, downtown Philadelphia is densely built up with skyscrapers that act as business centers.

Skyscrapers in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Skyscrapers are not as tall as in the USA or Chicago. But many of them are already quite old, built in the 1930s.


Spun “back and forth” in the city center. In the next photo, the building of the Philadelphia Central Railway Station (with columns) and the McKinsey office building (on the right in the photo).


View of downtown Philadelphia from the other side. Houses are growing just as rapidly.

Downtown Philadelphia, USA

The buildings of the early XX century look cozy. The streets are cramped and narrow, but with their own charm.

Street in historic downtown Philadelphia

“Philadelphians” on the streets))

On the street of Philadelphia city

The most notable building in the city is the Independence Hall (literally: Independence Hall). A landmark in American history. It was here that on July 4, 1776, the American Congress signed the Declaration of Independence, and later the US Constitution was adopted here. From that moment on, the United States of America began to exist as an independent independent state.

Unfortunately, at the time of my visit to the city, the building was under reconstruction. I did not stop here, as time was running out. Although the place itself is very interesting. Together with the surrounding historic park, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Near Independence Hall, there are several more historic houses and squares, as well as a separate pavilion with the sacred Liberty Bell for Americans.


My acquaintance with Philadelphia was limited to a cursory survey of the center. On the outskirts of the city, next to the motorway, another interesting object came across – the Wells Fargo Center sports arena. Famous sports clubs play here – the hockey “Philadelphia Fliers” and the basketball “Philadelphia 76ers”.

Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, USA

Farewell view of the city center and my long journey across the United States continued on.

View of downtown Philadelphia

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