Maldives.  Kanifushi Island

Maldives. Kanifushi Island

The Maldives is a unique country in the sense that each new island is almost like a separate state. Its own procedures, its own service, its own traditions, so you can find yourself on two different islands, and it will be two different vacations. Therefore, it is hardly possible to find a person who could say that he knows absolutely everything about the Maldives.

The next stop is a resort with a beautiful (like everything else in the Maldives) name Atmosphere Kanifushi. As we have already understood, “fushi” in Maldivian means “island”, which means “Kani” – is not so important anymore.

The road ahead was long: as previously reported, transport links in the Maldives are carried out either by ferries or by seaplanes of Trans Maldivian Airlines. If you are, in principle, afraid to fly an airplane, then such a flight will significantly shake your nervous system, because taking off and landing on a water surface is not at all the same as landing on a hard runway.

Maldives.  Kanifushi Island

Kanifushi is a small island 120 kilometers northwest of Male. The area of ​​the island is very small, but it is very elongated and has the shape of a pin: a significant “thickening” in the southern part (all service infrastructure is concentrated here) and a narrow strip of sand with poor vegetation (here the villas are lined up in one line), stretching to the north. The width of the island is only 100-150 meters, that is, standing on one side in some places you can see the opposite side.

Maldives.  Kanifushi Island

On the one hand, there is an azure lagoon, on the other, the open ocean. Swimming, of course, is possible only from the first side. There is such a surf on the side of the ocean that the coast had to be strengthened with huge boulders, which, apparently, were brought here almost from India – they have nowhere else to come from here.

Actually, all this information was gleaned from the window of the seaplane, which flew over the island during the approach and landing. A closer acquaintance began immediately after landing, immediately with an acquaintance with the entire management of the hotel. This is their tradition: as soon as the plane sits down, everyone, including the general manager, drops things and goes to the pier to greet the new arrivals with applause, turning into a standing ovation. Apparently, being on the island for several months, you are so yearning for a normal human society that you are glad to literally every new face.

Maldives.  Kanifushi Island

It is not difficult to understand them: in just an hour on the island, you have a strong feeling that you are alone here. The shape of the island and the location of the villas, which are built in one line and fenced off from the “main alley” (we immediately dubbed it Broadway), contributes to the fact that even with a fairly large hotel, you meet with the rest of the guests only for dinner or by the pool.

By the way, even restaurants, of which there are two, are planned in such a way that at lunch or dinner you will meet with a maximum of 10-15 guests. It is more likely that you can find a bat or a hermit crab on the island, of which there are really many.

Maldives.  Kanifushi Island

There are no water villas here, and all the other houses face west, so watch the sunset every evening. There is approximately 50 meters of sandy beach between the villas and the sea.

There are four types of villas in total. The most expensive ones are collected at the northern end of the island. The total area of ​​each is 150 “squares”, they have a separate dressing room, their own small pool, a small refrigerator with wine and even a butler (though only one for all ten villas). Such a house costs $ 1,500 per night. We sigh heavily and move on.

Maldives.  Kanifushi Island

True, the rest of the villas are also capable of causing a pleasant dizziness: very spacious rooms, patios with Jacuzzi, excellent furniture. In general, the hotel was opened only in December 2013, and most of the villas are in the “fly did not sit” state, or, as they say in the Maldives, “the crab did not run.”

A newsletter with a weather forecast, an announcement of events for the evening and even advice on which dish to pay attention to at lunch is brought to each issue daily. On behalf of Russian vacationers, I would like to advise you to add a couple of scanwords there, so that there would be something to solve on the beach. By the way, at the restaurant at lunch they put up a counter with printouts of the most important news from the Internet in several languages. This concern seems especially touching in the age of wireless internet and tablets.

Maldives.  Kanifushi Island

Not the most favorable weather conditions in which we found ourselves, this is a great chance to assess the entire infrastructure of the hotel as biased as possible. After all, it’s easy to be a cool resort when the sea is calm and there are no clouds in the sky – lie to yourself and sunbathe, remembering to roll over from one side to the other.

But when there is a good wave at sea, driven by gusts of wind, the question “what shall we do?” rises with an edge. Well, first of all, you can continue the water procedures in the pool. There are two of them, both “panoramic” (this is when at a certain angle it seems that the pool goes directly into the sea) and both with almost fresh water.

Maldives.  Kanifushi Island

There is also billiards, tennis, and even a gym, and only the very specific geography of the island prevented organizing a golf course: in windy weather, you would have to swim too far for the balls.

Moving around the island is a separate topic, since it is quite long, and the journey from your house to the restaurant can take so long that you will already be brutalized with hunger. There are two ways out. The first – you are waiting for the electric car, which go here along the same route, like a metro line, the second – you rent an elegant bike. A symbolic amount of $ 1 is charged for this, but if you honestly return the bike to your homeland, then this dollar will be forgiven you.

Whatever they say, but rest in such ideal conditions has some costs, in particular, the instinct of self-preservation is almost completely atrophied. Well, it’s not that it atrophies completely, it’s just that he begins to rest separately from you, and in the meantime you are doing things that in your right mind (that is, in your homeland) would not do in any case.

Maldives.  Kanifushi Island

In our case, the instinct of self-preservation happily left us on the doorstep of the water sports center. It would seem like a vacation, a fine day, a “light breeze” at sea, why not learn how to wind surfing? Neither the increasing wind, nor the half-meter waves, nor the oncoming clouds, nor even the square eyes of the staff of the surf center could interfere with us. Needless to say, of the two desperate guys, both of them have never been on a wind-surfing.

The fight was unequal and windsurfing won. After fifteen minutes of helpless floundering, I had to admit that the longer it went on, the further I would have to drag the board back to the rental. This understanding came to my colleague 30 minutes and two hundred meters later.

Maldives.  Kanifushi Island

A slight consolation came in the evening when we were to meet the general manager. This happened in the teriyaki restaurant, which is located next to the most expensive villas on the northern tip of the island. Teriyaki is a kind of Japanese culinary acrobatics. The chef not only fries fish and meat on a huge stove, but also juggles with knives, throws his shoulder blades and demonstrates other culinary extreme. In general, similar to our kebabs, only more dexterous.

And the general manager named Rajat (remembering local names is a great memory training, by the way) told us a little about the hotel, although I already told you most of it, and the rest I just could not remember.

Earlier and extremely painful awakening the next day was aggravated by the fact that it was necessary to leave this corner of paradise and move on. In the meantime, a video of the hellish teriyaki.


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