Lamb shurpa on the fire "Astrakhan fishermen"

Lamb shurpa on the fire “Astrakhan fishermen”

Photo for the recipe: Lamb shurpa on a fire Astrakhan fishermen


  • half a fresh, medium-sized ram, or rather ribs, drumstick, neck, fat tail fat. approx. 5 kg.
  • onions – 3 kg.
  • carrots – 1 kg.
  • fresh tomatoes – 2 kg.
  • sweet pepper – 1 kg.
  • potatoes – 4 kg.
  • Bay leaf
  • salt
  • pepper
  • greens
  • Uzbek spices (bought a set in the market, at the discretion of the Uzbek)
  • for onion marinade:
  • any aromatic vinegar, diluted with water 50/50%
  • salt
  • sugar
  • water – 15 liters

Step-by-step cooking recipe

1. Prepare a cauldron for 20 liters, set it on the fire unit (in our case, a piece of specially cut pipe), melt fat tail fat (300 grams).

2. Prepare the meat thoroughly, rinse, cut into medium pieces. Fry the lamb with spices over high heat until crusty for 15-20 minutes and remove from the cauldron.

3. Put onions and carrots in melted fat (the vegetable mixture should be the same volume as meat) and fry until softened.

4. Then return the meat to the cauldron. Reducing the fire of the fire.

5. Add tomatoes, bell peppers and continue to simmer. I had a dressing pre-cooked on the stove. Prepare pickled onions for serving: 1 kg of onions, cut into thin, long strips and marinate in a mixture of any aromatic vinegar, water, salt and sugar.

6. Add water, cook the shurpa for 2 – 2.5 hours under a lid, over low heat, so that it only gurgles. At the very end add coarsely chopped potatoes, bay leaves and peas. Boil for 15-20 minutes until the potatoes are fully cooked. Salt to taste.

8. Lamb shurpa on the fire “Astrakhan fishermen” – ready. Serve the cooked shurpa on the table, get the wheat elixir out of the freezer and enjoy the evening sunset in the company of 15-20 colleagues, while fishing bikes. Be sure to serve coarsely chopped cucumbers, tomatoes and pickled onions with the shurpa. Add onions directly to a portioned plate, sprinkle with finely chopped herbs. Bon Appetit!!!

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