Ear triple (option)

Fish soup (option)

Photo for the recipe: Triple ear (option)


  • river fish, lake fish
  • bulb onions
  • carrot
  • celery or parsley
  • black pepper
  • salt

Step-by-step cooking recipe

Pond fish or sea fish are not suitable for real fish soup. Only river or lake – ruff, dace, perch, ide, pike, gudgeon, bleak, rudd, crucian carp, pike perch. Not catfish – it’s only good for frying. The wuhu that women make at home can be called a potato fish soup. Dear ladies, do not be offended! Read on, feel the difference!

The proportions of the spices, the amount of fish and the quality of the water are very important. The most delicious ear is obtained if it is cooked in spring water. The catch is divided into three parts: in one of these parts there is small fish for the broth, in the other two (by the volume of the pot) the fish is large. Here can be: pike perch, chub, ide and everything else that fell for the bait. Not a store-bought fish!

In the first part – ruffs, minnows, perches, bleak, etc. They are boiled unpeeled, but gutted, with a thoroughly washed belly – otherwise the ear will be cloudy and bitter.

The broth of small fish is cooked for 30-45 minutes, right in the pot, and when the broth is ready, it is enough for the broth to settle, and it can be drained clean and transparent, put on fire again.

With the subsequent laying of large fish (of course, peeled, gutted and thoroughly washed), a large onion, carrots, a small piece of parsley or celery root are placed, salt is added. Top up with boiling water, and cook the fish soup over low heat for 30 minutes, no more, otherwise the fish will boil. At the same time, there is a rule: when boiling large fish, do not turn a spoon in the pot, and you should not stir it. And so that the fish does not burn, the pot is turned from time to time, shaken a little, then all the pieces of large fish do not break, remain intact.

After readiness, the fish is taken out, while hot, added, and the third portion is placed in the pot, along with a little pepper. If you wish, you can put the swimming bladders of large fish and ribbons of fat removed from the discarded entrails: then the ear will be especially rich. Bay leaves, parsley, dill have strong specific smells, they drown out the taste of fish, and their presence in the pot is highly discouraged. The rest of the spices are also put very carefully: a little of everything and certainly at the end of cooking. This is the only way to learn and taste all the taste qualities of fish soup. The more fish, the less spices – the sweeter, tastier and more aromatic the ear. It tastes and smells like natural river fish, not bay leaves. Only the bishop’s ear allows itself a retreat: it is cooked in chicken broth, with sweet green onions and pepper

In a real fish soup, besides fish, only onions and carrots are allowed. They give the ear a special taste, decorate it. If you put a few sorrel petals, a slice of lemon or pickled cucumber in the pot, add one clove of garlic, then the taste will be simply unforgettable.

Pour a shot of vodka into the pot 10-15 minutes before cooking.

If you want to feel the full taste of real fish soup, be sure to cook it outdoors, next to a pond, over a fire.

The smell of algae is “imitated” by the pike put in the pot together with the fins.

The pot can be kept open, but so that the ash from the fire does not fly into the ear, collect firewood only from hard wood – from oak or alder wood.

After the kettle is removed from the fire, the ear should be wrapped in a pea jacket or quilted jacket and allowed to stand for 10-15 minutes so that it resists. Of course, for this, the pot is covered with a lid. The ear is good when it is fiery, not bad if it cools down.

Bon Appetit!

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