A weekend in Riga on the eve of Christmas

Good day!

Today I want to tell you about a trip to Riga and Jurmala. The birthday of the eldest daughter, which we celebrate in December, we decided to spend on a trip – to give her such a gift. We considered different cities where there were inexpensive air tickets and in the end chose Riga.

Such a decision was supported by the following arguments:

  • easy flight Moscow-Riga, lasting about 1.5 hours;
  • convenient flight from Vnukovo, arriving in the afternoon;
  • inexpensive hotels in early December;
  • the presence of Christmas markets.

The last point was also very important for us, because not everywhere in Europe on December 9, and this is the date of birth of our daughter, Christmas markets are starting to work. For example, in Finland, they open much later.

The beginning of the journey. Arrival in Riga

On the eve of our birthday, December 8, we flew to Riga as a family. We got from the airport to the city very easily, by regular bus. He walks frequently and on schedule. A board with the departure time is installed right at the bus stop. They paid the conductor’s fare with small money. We arrived at the historical center of Riga, left in the area of ​​the Town Hall Square. And then, walking along the old streets, we got to our apartments. Instead of a hotel, we booked an apartment located next to the Powder Tower. Wonderful apartment located in an old atmospheric building overlooking Old Riga. We were pleased with the apartments with a new renovation, convenient location and inexpensive price. In the summer, such housing costs three times as much.


Throwing our bags in the corridor, we went for a walk around the city.

Riga charmed us with its old streets dating back to the Middle Ages. The preserved houses, cozy squares and cobblestone roads of the historic center of Riga create a pleasant atmosphere.





Christmas market on Dome Square

We went to the Dome Square, where the Christmas market is located. This is the largest square in old Riga. Here is the Dome Cathedral – one of the most iconic buildings in Latvia. Inside the cathedral there is an old organ, a carved wooden altar and other artistic and religious values.



Here we dined on hot Latvian cuisine and bought glazed apples. The market also sells various sweets, souvenirs, warm accessories and many other interesting things.



House of Blackheads

Then we went to the House of Blackheads, located on the Town Hall Square.



A beautiful building with a history dating back to 1334. One of the main attractions of Riga.

In the evening Town Hall Square looks impressive too, when the backlight turns on.


Walking tour of Old Riga. Second day

On the second day of our trip, we again went for a walk in the historical center of Riga, exploring the places where we did not have time to visit on the first day.

St. Peter’s Church. First mentioned in 1209.





Found the famous house with cows.



After lunch, we went further to wander through the narrow streets of Riga.

We saw a house with black cats on the roof. True, in our photo he is with one cat. The building was built in 1909 on the initiative of the wealthy homeowner Blumer, who was unhappy that he was not allowed to become a member of the Riga Great Guild. He ordered a picture of cats, which were originally turned tails towards the windows of the elder’s office of the Great Guild. After a long litigation, the parties agreed with each other and the cats were turned in the “right” direction.


An area with wavy flower beds.



An old car was installed next to the cafe for atmosphere.


Beautiful houses.


Evening city

Towards evening we found another Christmas tree bazaar, where a whole village of rabbits was housed. Located near the Freedom Monument.




We saw the street clock “Lime”. The first clock was installed in this place in 1904. Subsequently, the appearance of the clock changed several times, the last reconstruction was in 2017.


In the evening, when it finally got dark, we went to the shopping center for shopping. Compared to Russia, prices for things are 20-30% lower. Good local products are also on sale at reasonable prices.


Third day of travel

On the third day of our trip, we decided to go to Jurmala. I wrote in more detail about the trip here:

How to get to Jurmala and back

For the mood I will post a few pictures of Jurmala, as we saw it in December.





On the fourth day, our journey came to an end. After walking the streets in the afternoon, we went to a cafe for lunch and went to the airport.

Goodbye Riga. We all really enjoyed it here.


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