Top 4 Amazing Travel Destinations

The world is one wonderful place that is adorned with beautiful and amazing man-made and natural tourist’s attractions sites. These travel destinations have turned out to be major tourist’s attraction sites that are visited by millions of people round the globe. Here are some of the top most amazing travel destinations that you should pay a visit during your summer holidays.

The Christ Statue in Rio, Brazil


The Christ statue is the other recognizable travel destination in the world. The statue is located in the beautiful city of Rio in Brazil. This is probably the first monument you will get to see when you just land in Brazil as the statue is quite visible from a distance. Cristo Redentor is the name that was given to this statue which means Christ the redeemer. The statue symbolizes the faith of the people of Rio as most of them are Roman Catholics. The statue was built in the year 1931 and is located at the top of mount Corcovado making it more visible in Rio. The statue is well designed showing Christ stretching his arm out symbolizing an embrace of the city of Rio. Many tourists flock this place just to take photos of this magnificent landmark. This is one land mark worth a visit while on a tour to Rio Brazil.

Eiffel Tower in Paris, France


You cannot talk of stunning towers and fail to mention Eiffel tower. Eiffel tower is another amazing travel destination located in Paris France. The tower is quite an outstanding feature in the capital of Paris and quite visible from a far distance. The tower aerial advantage will allow you to have a spectacular view of the beautiful city of Paris France. Something to look for in this tower is numerous projectors that illuminate the city of Paris at night with lights glittering after every hour. This is one amazing photography location for you to take beautiful memorable pictures. The tower is a major tourist attraction site in Paris France having attracted over 200 million tourist since its construction.

Costa Rica in Central America


Costa Rica is the other most famous travel destination that is full of adventure and numerous fun-filled exciting places to visit.  This place has so much to offer thus one is likely to get confused on where to start the exploration of this beautiful and amazing country.  The country boasts of being naturally beautiful with comfortable and peaceful lifestyle. Talk of sandy beaches, wildlife, active volcanoes, cloud forests and many others are among the things you will experience once in Costa Rica.  Activities that you can engage here include surfing, hiking, snorkeling, swimming, cycling among others.

Statue of Liberty in New York, USA


Statue of liberty is the most amazing stunning man-made landmark that is located in New York City United States of America. This is one notable feature that you cannot fail to see immediately you land in the city of New York. The statue was as built by the people of France and was presented to the wonderful people of the United States of America as a gift of their long time treasured friendship. The statue later became a world symbol of democracy and freedom that should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of race, gender or ethnic the year 1924 the liberty statue was declared a national monument by the government of United States and has since then remained to be a top tourist attraction in the US.