Say Goodbye To Boring Swimming Pool Holidays And Try Something Different

Just because everybody else lies around a swimming pool during their vacation doesn’t mean you need to. Some people get so bored they’d rather be at work. If this sounds like you then it’s definitely going to be beneficial to do something else. I think people decide they have to lie around a pool because it’s relaxing. It’s not relaxing if you are going to be bored. You’ll still feel tired at night.

Doing something you love, even though it may take a physical effort, will make you feel great at night. You will be pumped up to go out for dinner then get to bed so you can do it all again the next again day. Take a look at some of these fantastic ideas and see what you could be doing on your next vacation. Activities you definitely won’t get bored with.

Driving around Australia

The idea is simple. You rent a campervan in a particular city and drive around the country taking in all the famous sites. Because you will be sleeping in your vehicle it’s going to save you plenty of money on hotel bills. This just means you’ll have extra money available to try out all those special activities, like swimming with dolphins or jumping out of an airplane.

Climbing a mountain


Rock climbing fun

Or instead of spending all day in a campervan you could be walking up some of the world’s biggest mountains. This doesn’t mean you need to tackle Everest. There is plenty of other great mountains you could climb. Ones like Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, or Mt. Fiji in Japan. The actual climb isn’t going to take you long, but luckily there is plenty of other stuff to keep you occupied once you’re finished.

Volunteer somewhere

Wouldn’t it be nice to give something back? Now you can by spending your time volunteering somewhere special. This could be teaching children to speak English in Cambodia, or even something like volunteering at an elephant camp in Thailand. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you know you’ll be making a big difference to someone else’s life.

Learn a new skill

You could go somewhere like Varanasi, a holy city in India and you could take classes in yoga and meditation. If you thought relaxing by a swimming pool could get rid off stress then you haven’t seen anything yet. Yoga and meditation are two of the most relaxing activities in the world. And spending your free time swimming in the River Ganges isn’t too bad either.

Take a diving course

Red Sea Coral Reefs

If you’re into sea life you would love a diving course which can last anything from a day up to a few weeks. You can do this anywhere in the world. Somewhere like Egypt has great underwater wreckages to explore and you also get to visit the Great Pyramid in your spare time. Try Central America if you are looking for somewhere cheap, but with great dive sites.

Go on a cruise

If you choose a nice cruise you will get a chance to lie around the pool, but because they stop off in a number of different locations it also means you get the chance to look around different ports. It’s a great mixture of both worlds and you won’t get bored with being stuck in the same place every day. Nice cruise liners always have plenty of extra activities you can be doing.

Mathew Parker is one of the most popular travel blog writers and operates a chain holiday resorts.