4 Tips When It Comes To Eating The Spanish Style

When you get to Spain, one of the most notable things about the people is their different eating culture. Despite the fact that it is in Europe, Spain breaks away from the convention English habits and makes a name for itself as the laid-back country. Most of this can be traced from its rich history or probably it is just the heat that makes the Spaniards to create traditions of their own.

You have to try the different foods in Spain that are both spicy and enticing. However, in Spain the food is meaningless without the culture behind it. Therefore, to enjoy a good Spanish meal you have to know the eating habits of the people. Know your Spanish eating habits to have lovely holidays in Spain.

1. Breakfast is just a meal, not the main meal


Unlike in the USA or UK breakfast is not the main meal of the day. It is a light meal that is accompanies by many sugary treats. One may say there are two breakfast meals depending on what time you wake up. Most restaurants serve early in the morning and around 10 am as well. The reason for this is that…

2. 3 meals a day are just the minimum

Once you land in Spain and finish one day, you will realise that the day has more than 3 meals. To a foreigner, one may say that the Spaniards are always eating. Actually, they just program their day away from the stifling heat that is from noon and in the afternoon. They therefore wake up early and have their first meal maybe around 5 or 6 in the morning, get their businesses running then show up for the midmorning 10am snack. Lunch is around 2 pm an evening snack maybe at 6 then dinner is late into the night as from 9pm. This is because…

3. Lunch is their main meal


Lunch is the main meal of the day with a three course or a four course if you count the siesta. The middle of the day in Spain is very hot and in summer, it is almost unbearable. The Spaniards decided to make this time dedicated to the siesta. They have along three-course meal and follow it with a siesta.


Lunchtime in Spain extends from 2 pm to around 4 or 5pm. Meal time is a time to talk with friends and catch up with family. Who wants to work in the stifling heat?  It is better to accompany the warmth in the air with that of hearty laughter then doze it off ready for the…

4. Evening snacks that are legendary

Nothing is better than a nice snack as one prepares to go back to work. In Spain, people resume work in the evening and continue well into the night. Dinner is enjoyed at 9pm under the lights of the sky as you enjoy the cool breeze. Many Spaniards are awake until midnight busy with their daily activities. It is truly a grand way to live.

With all the sugary treats and spicy meals one may wonder why many Spaniards are in great shape? The truth is a most of these snacks are taken whilst walking and meals are always between walks ad work.

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