Sydney at Night – Safety Guide to Sydney Streets for Tourists

Though Australia is considered as one of the places that have strong control over crime, the increasing trend in the whole world had also made some impact here. Sydney is not an exception to resist the increasing crime rate in the metropolis all over the world. Like other capital cities Sydney also wakes up at night especially on the weekends when the locals and tourists gather at restaurants and other night establishments to eat; drink and enjoy the night. Though Sydney is calm and under control at first glance, you cannot overlook certain dangers that are noticed occasionally.

Dangers for tourists in Sydney

Pick pockets: You can find this crime in almost all the cities, big or small, all over the world and Sydney is not an exception to it. It is one of the most common forms of crime you can experience anywhere in Sydney at night, but its cases increase more in the festival or sports seasons when a number of tourists arrive from all over the world to witness the occasion. You should stay careful at the time of moving in the streets of Sydney. First of all, you should try to take minimum possible valuables along with you at the time of walking or moving through public transport systems in this city. You should try to use your credit and debit cards as maximum as possible; so that you could move cashless.

Personal security: Though all the strict measures are taken by the police and other security services to keep the city’s environment safe and secure, you can still come across scandalous elements any moment at night in Sydney. If you are new in this city then you should not stay away late in the night. It would be wise to return back to your hotel or guest house before it gets very late as the chance of any accident is generally higher in the afterhours.


Mistreatments on trains: If you have to travel at night in Sydney then it is better to choose trams or buses instead of trains as travelling in trains after 9 pm is not considered safe here. Many indecent people misbehave with the travelers in trains at night and for that reason usually sensible people avoid travelling at night, as there are numerous accounts of night assaults located near train stations. If you are a male and there is no female along with you, then you may use the services of city trains late in the night but if you are either a female or any female is with you, then you should avoid trains at night, this is from personal experience.

Burglary: Burglary is another kind of crime that is increasing at night in Sydney. They usually target their victims in day time and attack them at night. The tourists are advised about avoiding to show off their wealth and other valuables in day time so that you can be targeted by the night burglars. Chances of burglary also increase at lonely places so the tourists should also avoid going such places especially at night. If you love to visit lonely places then you should visit those places before the dusk, otherwise, you should avoid those completely.

On road traffic: Traffic rules in Sydney are strictly followed but still you have to be careful while walking on the road or crossing the road as some fast driver may hit you, well, this goes for any city, but I’ve seen Sydney drivers with my own eyes and they give me the chills. People unfamiliar to the lifestyle of this city normally become victims to such drivers. Such rash drivers usually appear at night on the roads so beware of them mainly during night, that is when drunk driving accident tend to happen.

Animals appearing on roads: While driving out of the city on country roads you should be careful of the animals abruptly appearing on the road. Some of the incidents involving animals on the road end up with some fatal accidents. So be careful while driving, especially at night, on the country roads in Sydney. If you are visiting the city of Sydney for the first time, then it would be better for you to stay away from driving.

Some of these are the same no matter where you are, Sydney, Brisbane or New York, but for those of you going to Sydney for the first time, if you don’t have a friend there or a guide, your first few days should be well spent if you play it easy and not rush into the night, this is after all a big city and a lot of things can happen, especially to strangers.

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Zac is a Brisbane guy, but his often travels to Brisbane have made him a knowledgeable guy when it comes to Sydney safety and cool destinations. For flights to Sydney Zac recommends looking through Virgin Australia offers, as well as other flight offers for Australia and New Zealand.

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