Culture & Entertainment In Mykonos

mykonos252822529-3928861The entertainment in Mykonos is mainly geared to one thing, partying. No matter what your idea of a good time is, this cosmopolitan island has something to offer and even when you need a rest from partying too hard, you can slow the pace down and soak up some of the more cultural aspects of the island.

Entertainment on Mykonos

The main form of entertainment on the island is the many bars and clubs on offer, that range from full on Ibiza style clubs, to a piano bar, chill-out lounges and traditional style British pubs. The beaches, towns and even some of the hotels in Mykonos never sleep as people fill the drinking establishments, often spilling out into the streets partying the night away. Mykonos Town is awash with places to get merry, or you can join one of the infamous beach parties on Paradise and Super Paradise Beach where the good times continue until well after the sun comes up.

For those looking for something a little more romantic, you can hire a car and head to one of the remote beaches of the island, where you can escape the crowds and the loud music and spend time alone with that special someone. Alternatively, the area known as Little Venice in the main town has several bars that have balconies overlooking the sea. They offer soft music, cocktails and good food, all to be enjoyed while watching some of the prettiest sunsets you will ever see.

Culture on Mykonos

In the day time, there are plenty of cultural attractions to be found on the island including several museums. These range from fully reconstructed buildings from the island’s past, to a Maritime Museum and one dedicated to the agricultural history of Mykonos. Perhaps the best one is the Archaeological Museum, which is home to artefacts found on the nearby island of Delos.

For history buffs, Delos is a must visit as this once important Greek religious centre is now one of the most extensively dug archaeological sites in the country. You can get a boat there on the day, or can arrange it in advance with many of the hotels in Mykonos.

The island is home to hundreds of quaint little churches that are often open to visitors, the best of which is Panagia Paraportiani. Building began in the 15th century on this whitewashed church, which consists of four buildings that support a fifth that is situated on top of them.

The Windmills are another cultural attraction of Mykonos that most people see at least once. Overlooking Little Venice, they are a group of 16th century windmills and one of them, Boni Mill, is a fully operational windmill that can be visited from 4-8pm.

One of the sweetest things about Mykonos is the islands mascot, Petros the Pelican. Though the one there now is not the original Petros, the tradition started in the 1950s when local fishermen rescued an injured pelican after a particularly harsh storm. They nursed him back to health and the bird stayed, quickly becoming a favourite with locals and tourists alike.

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