A City Guide to Bournemouth

Bournemouth also known as “BoMo” is one of the UK’s most diverse and popular places to visit. Originally this sleepy seaside town was once perceived as a place for pensioners to retire, however the university has since led to a large influx of students moving in and men visiting on a Bournemouth stag do. The fact that Bournemouth is also famous for having clean waters and 7 miles of gold sandy beaches might also be a contributing factor!

Regardless of why you go to Bournemouth, this seaside town is and always has been a favourite place for Brits and foreign visitors to visit when in England. It is also very easy to find a comfortable hotel in Bournemouth, see more info here on trivago’s website. There’s plenty to do and see both during the day and during the night, For instance the Bournemouth Oceanarium is a great place for kids and adults alike to go and enjoy the wonders of the ocean. There’s also a unique balloon ride which is helium filled, designed to carry 25-28 passengers and gently floats at 500 feet above the beautiful Lower Gardens. There are also the Chines which are a series of scenic cliffs which can be seen if you decide to take a leisurely stroll down the seafront.  Oh and of course there are the arcade machines and slot machines along the seafront too.

As for the nightlife Bournemouth has some of the best nightlife in the UK (though most of those will probably be stag parties and hen groups) and because everything is so closely knit and diverse there’s plenty to suit every taste. There’s the Smokin’ Aces which is an old fashioned whisky and live jazz bar. However if it’s arty bars you like then Sixty Million Postcards is a great place that serves some interesting drinks and it decorated to be terribly hip. Real ales are served in the locally famous Goat and Tricycle which is also known for its top quality food. Finally the Landmarc is worth a visit: the venue is technically a converted church which also offers fine dining as well as clubbing.

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