A Guide To Travelling With ECigs

airport-security_img_1-4577063Electronic cigarettes are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional tobacco-based cigarettes. There are few guides on how to travel with them, though. More specifically, dealing with air travel and entering different countries with them. Here’s a complete guide to what you should look out for when travelling with eCigs.

Rail Travel

Railways in the UK have recently banned the use of these devices anywhere on the trains and within the stations. This isn’t a law. It’s something councils have agreed upon collectively. There’s nothing wrong with travelling with them, but you won’t be able to use them whilst on the move or within the station itself. This applies to every station in the country.

Entering another Country

The best thing you can do is to check the official travel guidelines on the UK government website. Some countries have laws against the transfer of cigarettes through customs. They might not understand what one of these devices is. In countries like Iran there’s a good chance they’ll confiscate it as they’ll assume it’s something to do with drugs.

If you’re going to a country which doesn’t take kindly to eCigs being used, it’s strongly recommended you just leave them at home. Some people have gotten away with taking them apart and leaving the parts in their luggage (they don’t show up on the scanners), but you do this at your own risk.

Air Travel

You can’t vape in airports or on planes. Different airlines are stricter about travelling with them. There are lots of guides on the Internet which talk about specific airlines and their attitudes towards them.

Any cartridges should be emptied and the fluids placed into a plastic bag. This is your carryon liquid. Take extra care to stick to the right measurements. Try to get it roughly right. They won’t measure it, but if it’s obviously too much from a distance you’ll have to empty some of it.

You shouldn’t have to deal with any questions, but if you do calmly and politely explain what it is. It only takes a few extra minutes and there’s no real hassle involved.

You’re free to take the cig itself with you as part of your carryon. Remember to remove the batteries first. They’ll want to take a look at these. Terrorism laws came in which covered the inspection of batteries as explosive devices can be disguised using batteries.

Altitude Concerns

New vapers rarely take into account the potential impact of altitude on their devices. Never keep filled cartridges in your luggage. Once you get to about 20,000 feet the cartridges will start to leak. The altitude causes them to tip in a certain direction. Unless you want to deal with a messy clean-up operation, keep them separate.


If you’re going to be away from home for a long time, see if there are any retailers of cartridge refills in the city you’re a visiting. Look online and ask your fellow vapers if they know of any good places. Alternatively, buy extra cartridges and take them with you. Just watch out for any restrictions on the amount of fluid you can take!

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