Planning A Holiday-on-wheels? This Checklist Tells You What Not To Leave Behind

There’s something absolutely appealing about holidaying from a caravan. A la the gypsy style. It has the comfort and warmth of home, at the same time the adventure of being out on the roads. Moreover, over-packing is almost never an issue. And that comes as one massive relief to us. However, just because you can over-pack, doesn’t mean you should, especially if it means leaving behind the essentials. Get your packing right. Follow this checklist like the law of the land.

The vehicle

Before anything else, even your food and clothes, it’s the vehicle that needs to be sorted.


–         Fluids: Run a thorough check through the water, oil, brake fluid, and battery connections. In fact, do this multiple times over the course of your ownership of the vehicle. If it belongs to you, then first run a checkup two weeks before the scheduled trip, then a week and finally, about two days before the trip.

–         Brakes and tires: Check if the tires are up to the optimum conditions. In addition, check if the pressure is to the recommended standards. Don’t forget to slide in the spares too.

–         The water tank: Run a thorough inspection of the water tank, water hose and tank strides. Before you leave for the trip, drain the old water, clean it up completely and refill it with fresh water.

–         The gadgets: Don’t forget to check that the refrigerator and microwave are working to perfection, or you might end up with quite a mess when it comes to food preservation. Make sure the TV and antennae are all wired and set up. Most importantly, check if the voltage is up to the safest standards. While you’re at it, also ensure that the wires aren’t loose and are perfectly insulated.

–         The interiors: The furnishings shouldn’t be falling apart. It doesn’t have to be plush, but it has to be comfy. Check every corner and crevice of the caravan to make sure that there’s no trace of any kind of pests.

–         Safety: Check that the closet and drawers can be closed and locked properly. The same goes for all windows and doors. There has to be a fair share of chains and bolts to keep the place secured, no matter where you are.

The kitchen

Where there is food, there is happiness. However, keep it simple and low-fuss.

–         Saucepans

–         Mugs, plates, bowls, knives

–         The usual cutlery

–         Electric jug

–         Thermos flask

–         Tongs, mittens, and can and bottle opener

–         Dish-washer, sponge and hand-towels

–         Tea, coffee, milk powder, beer, canned juice, oil, ketchups, salt, condiments etc. You can also pack in some granola bars, ready-to-make soups and food packets, etc.

The first aid


Because, safety first-

–         Sunscreen lotion

–         Mosquito repellant

–         Band-Aids and bandages, scissors and cotton

–         Hand sanitizer

–         Antacid

–         Anti-pyretic, anti-histamines and analgesics

The sleep supplies


The quality of your vacation is directly proportional to the quality of sleep you get.

–         Blankets and pillows (pillow cases too)

Peter Philip, the author of this post, works for Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park, Carnarvon. Peter is an avid blogger and writes on a variety of topics related to travel and tourism.