Amazing Far-Flung Beaches Fit For A Holiday

The world is still endowed with so many far-flung undiscovered beaches ideal for a holiday. If you are tired of the same old beach down at the coast then pay attention. Remote beach amazement awaits.
The Japanese chain islands of Okinawa are still largely unexplored, perhaps protected by the high price reputation of Japan that many think is outdated. Iriomote shares latitude with the Bahamas and Hawaii, made up of 90 percent mangrove and virgin jungle. You can get into a canoe to explore the Island and to visit the springing up swish resorts dotting the serene grounds. You can still find a tasty family-run inn across the beaches fit for a perfect postcard such as the star-shaped Hoshizuna beach.   Iriomote Japanese Island

Nicaragua Little Corn Island Secret

The Little Corn Island in the heart of Nicaragua is a secret and a deliciously remote destination and seemingly a window into how each Caribbean island looked like. The castaway fantasy is ringed with white sand, road-free and one square mile. Travels and tourism to the island seems to be taking shape as a number of families and European expatriates run small hotels. There are low price no-shoes restaurants with beachfront bungalows running at a sleepy pace. Scuba diving and snorkeling in the pleasant turquoise waters is a good pastime and you get to share it with eagle spotted rays and green turtles.

California’s Carmel by the Sea

The rugged Pacific shores of mid-California is known for their flourishing immaculate forests, mighty cliffs and sweeping bays. However, Carmel is seemingly the white-sand gem and the darling of hippie stars from Hollywood, an excellently manicured town with chi-chi cafes, bars and restaurants and very tiny galleries. Swimming in the pristine Carmel beach is quite a brace, although surfers can hire wetsuits or take into the coastal trails that could reward anyone with an unforgettable whale sighting.

Montezuma Beach in Costa Rica

Montezuma is the home of the first natural reserve of Costa Rica, a place to find coatis, anteaters and armadillos. However, as you head to the Nicoya peninsula on the southern tip of the Pacific coast, you will find out why some of the dedicated paradise hunters in the world have been attracted there for decades.  These paradise hunters never left, giving the little town a unique mix of beautiful drifters, yogis with a golden skin and local bohemian artists.

Madagascar’s Sakalava Bay

This remote island spot has coral reef-protected shallows lapping lazily with windsurfers flipping skywards courtesy of the balmy Indian Ocean breakers. Travelers are offered a choice to be a neighbor to the lemurs and turtles by two rustic bungalows, the only in Sakalava. A five day stay in the island spot is an experience worth treasuring.

New Zealand’s Hahei

Hahei offers glassy waters that make swimming a chilly affair, protected by a host of offshore islets but endowed with lots of other attractions. The sculpted rock forms and jaw-dropping marine reserve seascapes are a home to many cruises with snorkeling and scuba outfits widely available. The four kilometer coast is great for surfers to follow, stopping at the Hot Water Beach to allow them to dig their own hot tubs in the sand warmed by thermal springs.

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