Five Travel Tips For Staying Cool In Hot Countries


Are you the kind of person who loves traveling to hot places? If so, you probably know how difficult it is to reconcile your love of the heat with how tough it can be to stay comfortable when it is a hundred degrees in the shade. But, it is possible to enjoy a vacation somewhere hot as long as you follow these simple tips for staying cool during your travels.

Air Conditioning

There is nothing worse than visiting a hot country and ending up stuck in an airless room. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid such a situation, especially if you are traveling on a budget or touring a third world country, but wherever possible, try and book accommodation with air conditioning because your stay will be a lot more comfortable as a result. The same applies to rental cars: a car soon turns into an oven when it’s hot.

Stay Out of the Midday Sun

The sun is at its hottest between 11am and 3pm, so unless there is a pressing need to be exploring some ancient ruin around midday, it is a far better idea to stay in the shade and enjoy a few ice-cold beers instead. Or better still, take a siesta until the sun drops lower in the sky and go out exploring in the early evening when it is a bit cooler.

Pack Lightweight Clothes


When the weather is hot, wearing cotton or linen clothing is essential. Cotton, linen and other natural fibers allow the skin to breathe, which makes for a more comfortable day. Polyester, nylon and man-made fabrics cause us to sweat more, which is never very comfortable in a hot climate. So unless you want to be nice and sweaty, stick to cool fabrics. You should also choose light colored clothing because light colors reflect the heat whereas dark colors absorb it.

Cover Up


Sitting outside in the sun might seem like a great idea, but when it is incredibly hot, you are far more likely to end up with a nasty case of sunburn or heat stroke. So unless you want to be slowly cooked, it is a good idea to stay covered up when the sun is at its hottest. Wear loose, long sleeves and protect your face and neck with a sun hat.

Drink Plenty of Cold Drinks


It is important to drink plenty when traveling through hot countries. Always take bottled water with you, particularly if you are heading out on trips and excursions. The tap water may not be safe to drink, so be careful of added ice cubes if you buy a cool drink from a bar or café. Don’t drink too much alcohol because alcohol dehydrates the body and makes matters worse.

Traveling in a hot country needn’t be too difficult as long as you are careful to manage the heat. Stay out of the midday sun, drink plenty of water, and always use high factor sun cream if you are fair skinned. That way you should come home with some nice memories as opposed to heat exhaustion.

Today’s guest author, James Mills, works for Speedy Air and Heat, a firm that offers air conditioning services in Phoenix. He enjoys the outdoors and he also likes playing the guitar.