Don’t Think You Can Afford A Holiday This Year? You Can If You Camp!


While everybody knows the value of a good holiday – it is great for your wellbeing to take some time out of life – in these austere times it can be hard to justify spending any money on a break. As much as you may need and deserve a holiday, funds just sometimes don’t allow it. However, a holiday doesn’t have to mean jumping on a plane and paying for an expensive package deal – think a little more creatively and you ca

The Basicsn have the holiday of a lifetime for a fraction of the price. We are, of course, talking about camping. You needn’t spend much at all, but as long as you get it right you will find it is just as relaxing as any other type of getaway. Here’s what you need, and how to get it on a budget:

First and foremost, you will need a tent. These are much cheaper to buy new than they used to be, however a lot of people have an old tent kicking around in the back of their garage. Have a look to see if you have one somewhere before shelling out on a brand new one. You could also think about asking a friend if you could borrow theirs – lots of people have ones that they barely use. Then you will need a camping mattress, and we say that if you are going to spend any money on anything, make it the mattress. A good one will guarantee you a good night’s sleep, and this all helps with the relaxation when you’re away. Beyond that, you will need blankets, pillows and sleeping bags. Take loads of layers in case it gets chilly at night. You’ll also appreciate bringing a couple of camping chairs and a blanket.

For The Catering


The beauty of camping is that, armed with a few basics, you can be completely self-sufficient, which means you don’t have to spend loads of money on takeaways and dinners in restaurants. You’ll need a camping stove with plenty of gas (again, you may be able to borrow one). You’ll also need to pack some small saucepans, some basic crockery and cutlery, and some cups and glasses. Then, head to your local store and stock up on loads of tins and packets of long-life food. Pack candles, matches and torches so you have plenty of light to see what you are doing once the sun sets.

The Little Extras


Every holiday should have some treats and yours is no different. Think about all of the money you are saving – even pitching the tent should be relatively inexpensive. We’re sure there is a little room in the budget then to treat yourself, and this should be whatever you want it to be. Perhaps you could treat yourself to a few choice bottles of wine to accompany your meals? Or maybe you’d like to have a day out at a local attraction while you’re there?

So without further ado, get packed up and have a great holiday!

This guest post is authored by Chris Matthews; he works in National Survival Center, a leading supplier of disaster kits. He often writes about camping and ways to get it right. One of his hobbies is trekking.

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