Travel Gadgets You Can’t Afford To Go Without

4b208afd2e1973cd545a67801-1316266828813-3476614We all travel from time to time, and whether you’re traveling for business or taking that next great vacation, there are a range of gadgets and devices that can be extremely useful to us on our journeys to exotic locales or even simply to the next town over for your organisation’s major annual conference. Whether you travel near or far, often or just on the occasional jaunt, what are these useful gadgets that you should consider packing for your next trip?

Digital Camera

This is a big one. I mean if you’re taking that epic African safari you’ve always dreamed of, you’re surely going to want to take pictures for the scrapbook, right? Come on, those would make an awesome album on your Facebook profile! But even if you’re just at a function sponsored by your workplace, a camera is still a phenomenal tool. Take pictures of the event to post on your social media profile, use the pictures to accompany blog posts, or to place in official literature about your organisation. There are lots of reasons why you should take a camera with you on your next trip.

USB Memory Stick

Hey, where are you going to store all those pictures you took until you can use them? Where are you going to keep important files you may need to access on a computer? This little baby is a godsend for those who are bringing lots of electronic equipment with them and may need to access files quickly and on the fly. You can get them in a range of sizes for the amount of data you’ll be storing on it.

MP3 Player

Long flight ahead of you? Relaxing vacation on the beach or by a pool? If you’re going to have any extended periods of downtime, regardless of when it where, you might want to listen to your music, audio books, or catch up on your favorite podcasts. This is the perfect device for doing all of that and it’s usually light and portable enough to go in your pocket.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

See above. If you’re going to be trying to listen to music on the plane you might just get driven nuts by the roar of the engine. These nifty headphones will block out the background noise so that you can focus on your music and not that baby crying directly behind you.


Long trips with lots of downtime call for reading material. But who wants to lug all of those heavy, space-hogging books with them in their bag? Not me, I know that much! E-readers give you access to a wide range of reading material for whatever mood you’re in and save a ton of space. They can also often store work documents that you may need such as PDF files and other similar documents.

There are a range of electronic gadgets for you to consider taking with you on your next trip. Which ones are rights for you will depend on your needs, however, the list above is a great place to get started, and almost anyone can use these devices on any trip. But remember, these are expensive devices. If you travel with them often, you might want to consider taking out some great value gadget insurance first.

Laura Ginn is a professional writer and blogger, and, lately, an intrepid world traveler! She always takes a range of electronic gadgets with her however, so she puts a lot of time and effort into making sure that they stay safe.