Six Reasons To Choose Camping For Your Summer Holiday This Year

camping-1877876Camping is a great way to spend your summer get away but many people choose to over look it. If you are short on money this summer consider camping for your trip away. Here are ten reasons why you should opt for camping for your summer holiday this year-

Campfire Food

A big selling point of camping is the idea of cuddling up around a campfire under the stars and enjoying traditional campfire food. If you’ve been busy all day when you’re tired there’s nothing better than grabbing a blanket and enjoying sausages straight off the fire followed by toasted marshmallows. Cooking and eating al fresco feels like a real novelty and many campers enjoy doing this on their trip.


The beauty of camping is the option of being able to tour rather than stay put in one place. Explore lots of different areas rather that just settling in one area. Before you go away plan where you want to go and set out a route stopping off at each destination on your way. There are lots of touring caravan sites across the country to choose from.

Meet Likeminded People

Camping is usually quite a sociable way to travel as often you are staying close to others that you will pass on a daily basis.  If you are looking to meet people while away camping is a great way to do so. Often you will find like minded people on your campsite, whether this be families or younger people staying for the night life, camping is a great way to make connections with people from around the country.

Family Orientated Fun

Camping is a popular choice amongst families so a lot of camp sites are set up with families in mind. Many campsites across the UK feature activities on site for both children and adults to enjoy. From water parks and playgrounds to classes and pop up activities there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Evening Entertainment

Many campsites boast great night life venues from bars and restaurants to concert halls and shows. Some people love and embrace this going to shows and dinner every night on the campsite. Others like having this option here and choose a mix of evenings out of the campsite and evenings enjoying the onsite entertainment. Whatever you prefer it’s great to have the option of nightly entertainment right on your door step.

Opportunity To Explore

So many of us go on holiday and just stick to what we’re used to, staying put in the one place. The beauty of touring caravan sites is that you have the opportunity to explore, stepping out of your comfort zone and trying things you’ve never tried before. Embrace the opportunity to explore this summer and stay in lots of different places, trying different things and making the most out of your holiday.

Camping is a great low cost option for a summer holiday. It offers lots of variety and you can stay put or move around the country as much as you like. This year consider camping for your summer get away.

Eilidh MacRae works for Holiday Resort Unity who have touring caravan sites in the UK.