4 Useful Tips To Help You Pack Like A Pro

Taking a holiday may be exciting, but there are certain things that can make it a strenuous affair. Packing is one of those things. Here are 4 tips from travel pros that have their luggage packing down to an art.

Pack only what you need

This one really is a no-brainer. It is the by far the simplest rule in the book, yet often the most violated one. In fact, most of the other rules of packing are usually derived from this one simple rule; choose to ignore this and everything else you choose to do will be futile. Before packing something, take your time to look at it and analyse it. Do you really need it? You may need it regularly in your day-to-day life, but do you really need it on this particular trip? Would it cause you great inconvenience if you did not it take it with you? If, and only if, you answered ‘yes’ to these three questions should you bother to pack the item.

Don’t over-pack clothes

The most common amateurish mistake that rookie travellers make is to pack every single piece of clothing in their wardrobe. They need to be reminded that they are going for a holiday, not moving houses. This is particularly true for people visiting destinations where the climate is a lot cooler; every sweater, jacket, hoodie, Snuggie and blanket seems to make its way into your suitcase, which now looks like it’s ready to explode. Try to minimize the number of clothes you intend to carry. For example, take pieces of clothing that match very well with each other and allow you to create multiple outfits from the same items. Also, do not forget the power of accessories; they take up a lot less luggage space, yet helps create a range of different looks.

Be sensible when packing gadgets

Always think twice before packing any gadgets. These aren’t just devices to keep you entertained and informed, but also additional responsibilities. Taking a flight to Germany? How exactly is a portable DVD player going to help? They probably have in-flight movies to last all the way to Germany and, once you are in the country, you will be spending most of your time sight-seeing or partying. So, what is the point of carry the portable DVD player? Tanks to modern smartphones, you are better off keeping most of your gadgets at home. However, an e-book reader is always welcome; they take little space and offer good value for money.

Pack well before departure from hotels

We have all heard tales about people mourning the loss of a precious item, or even a pair of socks, that they forgot at the hotel while checking out. What is the number one cause of such mishaps? The rush caused by people who leave their packing for the last minute. You will undoubtedly have more things to pack on your return trip than what you initially brought with you. This means that you should start packing well in advance of your schedule departure. The earlier you start packing, the more time you give yourself to make sure nothing is overlooked.

Follow these 4 simple tips from the pros and packing your luggage will no longer be the stuff of your nightmares.

Today’s guest post is contributed by Holly Diaz, a freelance writer and a traveler enthusiast. She has travelled all over the world in search of beauty and adventure. She recently visited Germany and stayed in Hotel Füssen and was quite impressed with their quality service.