5 London Attractions That Your Kids Will Love

madametussaudslogo-9851323London is truly one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world. A family vacationing in the capital will find that the city has something to offer for every family member. Children in particular love the attractions around the city; London is more than just the Big Ben, London Eye and the Tower Bridge. Here are 4 attractions that kids will absolutely love.

Sea Life London Aquarium

When in London, chances are the family will be heading to take a ride on the London Eye. The view from the giant Ferris wheel is indeed remarkable, but it does come at a price. The time it takes for each pod to come back around is quite a bit. The view may captivate the kids and get them excited in the beginning, but the novelty starts to wear off pretty soon. Get the kids involved in something fun by visiting the Sea Life Aquarium, adjacent to the London Eye. Sitting on the banks of River Thames, it is the largest aquarium in all of London. Since its refurbishment in 2009, the London Aquarium has proven to be a big hit with children; the main draw is undoubtedly the Gentoo penguins.

Legoland Windsor

Windsor is most well-known for being home to Windsor Castle, one of the royal residences of the English monarchy. While children find castles very exciting, what they really love is playing with Legos. And Legoland Windsor is exactly where you need to take your kids. A stone’s throw away from Windsor Castle, Legoland Windsor is exclusively dedicated to the wonderful world of Lego bricks. The main attraction in Legoland is Miniland, a collection of cities and towns from around the world constructed using Lego bricks, with amazing accuracy and detail. The little cities even have moving traffic and extensive rail networks. It is quite an experience to walk down the streets of miniature London after having visited the real one.

Madame Tussauds

The Madame Tussauds wax museum on Marylebone Road isn’t just one of the greatest attractions in London, but in the entire world. The museum houses wax replicas of famous celebrities and historical figures. The wax statues are incredibly detailed, right down to the last freckle. In fact, it is considered a great honour for anyone to be inducted into Madame Tussauds collection. Let your kids brush elbows with their favourite celebs and pose for a picture, or two, yourself. You can wave alongside the Queen of England or strut your stuff beside David Beckham. The addition of a Marvel Superheroes 4D ride makes it a must-visit attraction for kids.

ZSL London Zoo

Many cities have zoos and most of they are very nice. However, they cannot can not to hope to hold a candle up to the magnificence of the ZSL London Zoo. It is the world’s oldest scientific zoo and is home to over 750 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, fishes, amphibians, and invertebrates. Every animal, bird or insect your child wanted to see can be found at the London Zoo. The zoo’s latest addition, Tiger Territory, is a massive hit with families, as is the Gorilla Kingdom. London Zoo is often used as location for filming movies, including the Harry Potter series.

When it comes to choosing a destination for a family vacation, you can’t do much better than the British capital.

Today’s guest post is authored by Louis Penn. He is a travel enthusiast who has travelled to different parts of the world in search beauty and serenity.  He recently visited Britain and stayed in Finsbury Park Hotel and was blown away with their hospitality.

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