The Best Time Of Year To Visit Paris

Everyone has heard of that saying about Paris in the springtime being the most romantic and beautiful time of year to visit the city.  However, if you have heard of that then you just know that so has everyone else – so springtime is one of the busiest times to visit Paris.  Demand for transport and for access to the most popular sights to see in Paris means that prices rise (for travel and for attractions) and queues extend forever.

Springtime is beautiful: the flowers are blooming, the air seems fresh and the light makes everything seem new and exciting.  Yet there is probably only so much time you can spend marvelling at the quality of the light as you stand in a snaking queue waiting to get into the Louvre before it starts to lose its appeal.

Summer is less busy because French families often choose to holiday elsewhere; it is usually warm and the days are long.  School holidays in the UK are usually longer than they are in France, meaning that if you time it right you can get from London to Paris and stay there for less money than you might if demand were higher from families resident in France.  Summer is a really good time to visit Paris, though most Brits want sand and sea for their summer holidays.  Airfares are usually very expensive in the summer, though cheap coach travel is still available (see iDBUS’s site, for example).

Autumn in Paris is probably the best time to see the city.  Travel from London to Paris by taking a cheap coach trip (readily available from iDBUS, for instance, which charges fixed prices for your date of travel no matter when you book) and enjoy the beautiful autumnal colours of the French countryside from the comfort of your seat before arriving in Paris.  Going by coach means no worries about navigating the Paris ring road, paying for petrol in an unfamiliar currency or staying awake at the wheel.  Take a pack-a-mac and umbrella because rain showers are common at this time of year, but there are far fewer crowds and so fewer queues (and cheap coach tickets and hotels).

Winter can be a bit too cold in Paris and the parts that are green, red, yellow and orange in spring, summer and autumn are dead and grey, so it’s not the best time to see Paris at its prettiest.  Bit Christmas in Paris is pretty magical, with a lot of attention paid to decorating the streets and shops to make everything look festive.

Whenever you travel, airfares from London to Paris can be high but booking a cheap coach ticket on a whim doesn’t need to be expensive as fares with iDBUS are based on when you travel rather than when you book, so choose your time right and you could get a real bargain on your transport costs.

This is a guest post by Claire Chat a new Londoner, travel passionate and animal lover. She blogs about Pets and Travelling in Europe. If you want Claire to write you specific content, you can find email her here or contact her on Twitter (Claire_Chat).