Car Hire Tips When Abroad – Don’t Miss Out On The Road Trip Of A Lifetime


You may not have a car currently but you may still be able to benefit from all the advantages of having access to one! Hiring or leasing a car is a great way of getting on the road while avoiding all those horrible expenses that come with owning one. If you are planning a holiday or a road trip somewhere it’s really worth considering hiring a car – have a chat with some local car hire places and have a look online to do some extra research. Here’s how to hire a car:

What You Need

You’ll need your driving licence obviously. It will help if it is clean as penalty points don’t look too good, but some companies will still hire out to you. It should be up to date with your current address and details on it, and it should have some photo ID attached to it. Depending on which country you are planning to drive it in you may need to be over 25 – check with your local car hire company to see what the minimum age limit is. Most companies provide insurance as part of the cost of the hire so you may not need your own insurance.

How to Do It

Once you have decided that car hire is for you, you need to speak to your local company and see what offers they have. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of different makes and models so choose one that is suitable for your purpose. For example, if you are planning a holiday then a large trunk will be a great bonus. A tow bar is essential if you are planning to tow a caravan or a trailer. Some people hire small vans for lifting and shifting – if this is the reason you are looking to hire then make sure there is enough room in it for everything you need to fit inside. It may be worth taking a tape measure and some measurements if you have a particularly big item to shift.

What about Money?

You’ll agree a fee with the hire company and may be asked to put a deposit down or leave some credit card details with them. This is just in case there is any damage when you return it. If you are travelling one way (for example a ride home from an airport) then you may be able to arrange to drop the car back to another branch that is closer, but this may involve a fee.

Check It Out


When you collect your hire car it’s essential that you check it, while it is still in the hirer’s possession, noting any damage. Be meticulous and make sure you mention even the smallest scratch. Any damage should be noted and signed by both parties. Pay particular attention when looking for chips to windscreens, damage to upholstery and the condition of the paintwork. You’ll need to return the car with as much fuel as it had when you got it so make a note of the levels.

Once you’ve signed the relevant paperwork it’s yours – life on the open road!

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