6 Fantastic Vacations You Might End Up With More Money Than You Started

25c7dbb7fdee98eb339313f2b55b68d5-5537256Going on a vacation usually calls for big spending, thus you should be prepared to shell out money on the course of your trip. However, there are also vacation hotspots in which you can earn more money-and by these we’re talking about gambling destinations. Of course, this kind of vacation only applies to adults, so if you’re already in legal age then you can definitely go and check out the destinations below.

If you’re looking to spend a week or two on a gambling vacation, you should keep in mind that you will be spending more than the usual holiday expenses. Hence, it would be better to practice your gaming skills before actually heading to your chosen vacation haven. This way, you have better chances of reaping profits once you’re there.

So where can you find the most fabulous vacations that can make you richer?

Las Vegas Strip

If you’re the gambler of all sorts, then you should definitely come to the Vegas strip. It houses the most number of casinos in the United States, so you can expect it to have just about everything-from poker to roulette, blackjack and as well as the ever-favorite slot machines. You may want to go serious with the cards, or go fancy with the slots, the choice is actually yours.

Aside from casinos, Vegas also have a lot of amusement centers that you will enjoy. These include a wide array of nightclubs where you may witness live performances of your favorite entertainers, cabaret shows, discos, and of course, drive-thru weddings.


If you are going to explore Asia on your vacation, then you may want to go to Macau. This small island is known not only for its intense culture, but also for its gambling resorts. Many people come to this Chinese territory to play, mainly because the chips cost a bit lower compared to the usual Vegas or European casinos.

You can play the usual games in Macau casinos. But if you are looking for competition, then you should master the game of tiles, mahjong. Mahjong tournaments are often held in Macau casinos, and winners not only win a hefty sum of money, but as well as the respect of other players too.

Atlantic City

Meanwhile, if you just want to stay in the United States but not go to Vegas, then you may find Atlantic City attractive. The city that served as the inspiration for the popular board game Monopoly, Atlantic City serves more as a gambling destination, in addition to that of a classic all-American cultural artifact.

There are over 14 different casino hotels in Atlantic City, all of them promoting a distinct theme. You can then hop around these casinos on a sightseeing tour first, then play once you’ve found the one you most like.

Aside from being a casino hotspot, Atlantic City is also a shopping haven; you can go shop for your favorite designer brands during the day, and then play your game once the night arrives.

Among the places to check out in Atlantic City are the Caesar’s Palace, Bally’s, and Borgata, as these are the most popular casino-hotels people go to.


Connecticut is also a popular gambling vacation hotspot. One resort in Connecticut, Foxwoods, is known to be the largest casino in the world-you may want to take advantage of checking out its facilities during your stay in New England. There are also a lot of competitive casino games that you can join in, in case you want to put your skills into action.

Aside from the Foxwoods, there is another famous casino resort in Connecticut, the Mohegan Sun. This Indian-inspired casino meanwhile offers a more relaxing vibe, so you can go recreational when playing games here.


Across the Caribbean waters you can find small but definitely enjoyable casinos, and they are located in the islands of Aruba. These casino resorts are flocked by tourists as they are not only conducive for playing, but are as well inspiring in terms of view and surroundings. You can relax and enjoy the day on the beach while preparing for your games later at night.

One of the best casinos here is the Renaissance Aruba. Unlike its contemporaries, this resort-casino is open 24/7; you can then play at any day, at any time you want.


Montreal is a good alternative in case you are dreaming of a French-inspired gambling holiday. Among many things, French is the language in this locality, and most of the casinos and hotels established in the city are inspired from European styles too.

You may want to check out the Casino de Montreal when in the city; this casino offers the most authentic styling of French casinos, and most of their games follow European rules as well.

A few tips to remember

When choosing a gambling destination, you may want to look at a few things. It may be better to look for a destination that doesn’t have as much players as the others-this helps a lot in increasing your chances of winning with less of the pressure.

There are also times when it’s best to go out and play, and these depend on the casino and its location. You may want to go during the holidays as most of the players are on vacation with their families so that you can play with only a few guys and fare better in the winnings. It would also help if you visit casinos during the competition season so that you can see how other more expert players win their games. This is also the chance for you to interact with other gambling aficionados and get tips and tricks from them.

Of course, you should also prepare for the funds you’re going to spend for your gambling spree. Winning is always a probability, no matter how high your chances are, so better prepare for the worst. This way, you are able to enjoy your games better as you don’t have to worry about the funds to spend.

Taylor Bailey is a freelance writer who loves travel blogs, destination guides and traveling. He also writes for Foxwoods Resort; follow them on Twitter and Facebook.