3 Alternative Fantastic Flying Tips


Taking a flight used to be a real event in our lives, and we would get excited just thinking about this special mode of transport. Those days have now long gone, and many of us are required to use air transport on a daily basis. It can prove to be a stressful experience however, and quite often we would rather not bother if we had the luxury of choice. But there are some little tips that can sometimes make our flight more enjoyable, this article looks at some of these suggestions.

Easy Check In And Free Upgrade

Please bear in mind that this is just a suggestion, but one that could ensure your experience is a little better than your previous one. Should you encounter a minor accident involving your leg, you may be able to turn this into a positive event. When you arrive at the airport you may ask to speak to an airline representative and point out your injury to them. They should offer you some assistance immediately and should find a wheelchair for your check in experience. Usually they will fast track you to the check in counter and help with the laborious task of processing your details. At this point you may enquire if an upgrade is available at all? Point out that your damaged ankle or knee is extremely painful and you are concerned about the smaller legroom afforded in economy class. Hopefully you will be offered an upgrade, just remember to limp away from your wheelchair whenever you are required to walk down the aisle, or after you have landed!

Befriend the Cabin Staff


If you are taking a long haul flight, it is always a better experience with attentive and sympathetic cabin staff. Remember that these individuals are also people and sometimes they may be having a bad day. Passengers can be rude and downright belligerent at times, and this can make the cabin staff to react in a bad way. Try your best to be polite and even strike up a casual conversation with the, always try and use their first name as well. By forming this relationship you may be surprised at how much your service will improve. You may be offered extra food and drink and will usually get service with a smile. Just remember to avoid smiling too much at the more attractive personnel, especially if your other half is on the same flight!

Be A Musician For Just One Day


In recent times, the luggage allowance seems to have decreased somewhat, perhaps they are packing more of us on these flights. If your miniscule allowance means that you have to leave some killer outfits at home, maybe you can try this little trick. As well as your check in allowance, you are allowed some hand luggage. You could do worse than to invest in a cheap acoustic guitar case, make it a jumbo size! You would be surprised at how many items of clothing will fit into an empty guitar case. But don’t be too surprised whena busybody customs official asks you to play a few tunes on your non-existant instrument. Losing the keys will usually get you off the hook!

Enjoy Your Flight!

These light-hearted tips may or may not work for you, but remember to act a little shocked if the airline staff are having none of it, a bewildered smile can often help your cause – Good Luck!

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