4 American Cities Ideal For Hosting Your Next Conference Or Business Convention

Most American cities are always trying to find new ways to boost the local economy by promoting tourism to their lovely cities. Usually, these efforts are directed towards regular travellers looking for a family vacation or a weekend getaway. However, in recent times, business tourism has started to appear as a very tempting option for city councils. America boasts of an economy that does business worth trillions of dollars annually. A lot of this money goes into hosting business conferences and conventions. As a result, many cities are now trying to present themselves as the ideal destination for any type of business conferences. If you are looking for a venue to host a conference or convention, then you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Here are the 4 best American cities, coast to coast, that are ideal for hosting business conventions.

Portland, Oregon


When it comes to the North-West, Portland has always played second fiddle to Seattle, Washington. The biggest city in the state of Oregon is often identified as being one of the weirdest cities in the country. However, that is an image that Portland has gone through a great deal to change. Mind you, the city is not sacrificing its weirdness; it is what makes Portland so special and unique. Instead, what the city is doing is proving that business conventions do not have to be all about stuffy shirts and PowerPoint presentations. They city encourages visitors to play just as hard as they work.

Austin, Texas


Most business conferences and conventions in Texas are usually held in and around the city of Dallas. Though Dallas is definitely the bigger city, when it comes to tourism, Austin always has the Big D beat. Not content with just vacationers and casual tourists, the city is making itself a prime destination for business tourism. An increasing number of companies are choosing to move their scheduled conferences to Austin in order to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. Austin has a fantastic transportation system and infrastructure in place to facilitate mobility. This makes it ideal for hosting large scale conventions. The diverse art and cultural offerings in Austin ensure that people have something interesting to look forward during their leisure time.

St Louis, Missouri


The city of St Louis has reinvented itself numerous times since it was founded in 1764. The Gateway to the West has always been an important commercial hub and there is no lack of major companies choosing St Louis as their headquarters. However, the city is not happy simply playing hosts to the existing companies; they want to invite and host conferences and conventions from companies and industries all over America. In recent years, St Louis has proven to be a massive hit with tourists and there is no doubt that the city will be able to recreate the same kind of magic for business visitors as well.

Norfolk, Virginia


Trying to find a destination for a conference or convention on the east coast can be a blessing and a curse. While there are plenty of options to choose from, the demand for suitable venues is certainly outstripping the supply. The smart folk at Norfolk, Virginia, have been quick to grab this opportunity and are changing Norfolk into the premier business destination on the American east coast. Norfolk already boasts of having the headquarters of some of the most respected business organizations. Even NATO has seen it fit to have one of its two headquarters in this Virginian city.

The next time you are looking for a destination city to host a conference or convention, make sure these 4 cities are at the top of your shortlist.

This is a guest post by Patrick Armstrong. He runs a couple of business in the USA and likes to explore new places for his meetings. He recently explored the east coast and found many fun things in Norfolk, VA apart from his business activities.