Great Adventure Holidays For Couples, From Skiing To Sailing And Windsurfing

4338039834_12b1c3205e-2282933Adventure holidays are a great way to experience the world with a loved one. Not only does it bring you closer as a couple, but it also sends you on an adventure you will never forget. There are so many places to choose from that you will be overwhelmed with what the world has to offer. Biking in the trails of France or windsurfing in Greece and Italy. So, if you’re looking to get away from the stresses of work and home, take a break. Choose one of the many packages offered online, as there is something for everyone.

Summer Holidays

A great way to escape dreary weather and see some sun. There is an assortment of beach holidays to choose from. Have a romantic dinner by the ocean; go sailing, surfing, diving and so much more.

Windsurfing In Greece

Vassiliki Greece is the most popular location in Europe to windsurf. With it’s gentle winds in the morning to a slight increase by the afternoon. This is great for both beginners and advanced surfers. It is also known for it’s warm water, and safe surroundings. There are also complimentary lessons provided for you to start learning and having fun.

291239970_9f8969b566-8227045 Dinghy Sailing

If you want to hit two birds with one stone in Vassiliki, then stick around for some Dinghy Sailing. Again, the winds are in your favour and the weather is excellent. It’s great for you and your loved one to learn as a team and experience the excitement of this boating sport.

Mountain Biking

Go to France for the wine and some of the best mountain biking in the world. The French and Italian Alps have some of the best trails, with ski lifts to get you to the top. There are trails to challenge the advanced cyclists or people who are just looking for a good time and beautiful scenery. Try single-track riding with some man-made jumps and bumps along the way, or downhill courses, which also provide “chicken runs” for the technical routes. The Alps also provide some of the most scenic biking trails Europe has to offer.

Mountain Climbing

Rock climbing can be one of the most thrilling experiences, especially in the Alps. The challenge is rewarding and once you reach the top, it is one of the best feelings of achievement. The scenery is exquisite and it’s a great team sport.

Canoe and Kayak

Which ever you choose, both canoeing and kayaking can give you a chance to experience the lakeside and all it’s beauty. It’s easy to learn and canoes can hold up to two individuals so it’s a great couple experience as well.

Horse Back Riding

Horse riding is a great scenic tour that can take you through the mountains and alpine scenery. Some of the excursions are half a day, led by a guide.

Winter Holidays

The above are some great ideas for some summer fun, but how about winter? There are some great winter excursions for you and your loved one to experience. Here are some of the best ski resorts Europe has to offer.

Ski Courchevel

One of the foremost resorts, with great trails, nightlife and any other winter activity you can think of. The gondolas are the fastest in the world, so waiting to get up the mountain is no longer an issue. The resort town is beautifully nestled between mountains, and offers an array of restaurants and bars to choose from. This is all coupled with museums and art galleries to further sophisticate the resort.

Ski Meribel

Set in the heart of the three valleys, Mirabel is the diamond in the ruff of ski resorts. Meribel has a vibrant nightlife coupled with high altitudes which are great for beginners or advanced skiers, as well as over 200 bars. Meribel is one of the best resorts in Europe for a reason.

All these locations and activities are a sure-fire way to get you started on planning your next trip, whether you are looking to spend some time in the sun or play in the snow. These are just some of the adventures you and your lover can jump into. These are the memories you will cherish as a couple, so get packing.

Jonathan is happlily married and has been on many adventure holidays with his wife before they had children. Dinghy sailing and skiing were amonst their favourities but windsurfing in Greece remains closet to their hearts