Five things to pack for a festival abroad

Cheaper tickets, minimal risk of being caught in a mud bath and no requirement to stay in a tiny tent in all weathers are all reasons why Brits are booking up for music festivals abroad in their thousands. Seeking more for their money, they are buying tickets for events like Sonar, Primavera and Outlook, booking cheap apartments and jetting overseas using budget airlines for sun, sea and a treat for the senses.

Financing festival fun on the cheap often means travelling with hand luggage only and that means you need to do a spot of creative bag packing. Here are the ten things you really must pack in your backpack when you’re heading off to festival fun on foreign shores, as shared by an experienced foreign festival-goer.

1)     When it comes to gadgetry, a small tablet computer is your friend. Book an apartment with Wi-Fi and your tablet can be your map, schedule planner, food finder and stereo. Don’t forget to make sure it’s insured.

2)     If you’re traveling from the UK you will be limited to taking 100ml bottles of liquids in your hand luggage and will need a clear bag when you go through customs. In here, put any makeup you might need and a small bottle of sun cream for use on arrival – you can buy mini versions of these in shops like Boots and Superdrug. Once you’re settled in your accommodation you can make a trip to the local supermarket to buy shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, sun cream and after sun to share and split the cost.

3)     Pack what clothing you can fit and have some awareness of clothes you might be able to wear in the evening and what might be suitable for clubbing at night and look out for items you can hand wash easily in a sink should you need to. Cut-off denim shorts in particular are your friend at foreign festivals – they’ll mask the beer stains, protect your rear when you sit on gravelly ground and work equally well with a bikini, shirt or T-shirt. If you don’t already own some it might be time to get crafty, there are plenty of how-tos on the web showing you how to cut up old jeans, this one from former Hills’ star Lauren Conrad.

4)     There are only two things you really can’t skimp on when it comes to festival fun in the sun – footwear and sunglasses. Flip flops won’t cut it in a crowd, so you need to seek out a quality shoe that will keep your feet cool and comfortable – after all, you’re likely to be on your feet all day. When it comes to sunglasses, protecting your peepers and seeing the stage should be the main aim but it doesn’t hurt to bring in a little understated style with some classic Rayban shades. You can pick up some good deals online and this site seems to have a good selection.

5)     Ear plugs might seem a strange thing to take to a festival. Aside from helping to protect your ears from tinnitus, they also help you block out the noise of any snorers you are sharing a room with, or noise from the street. Many festivals run from the afternoon through the night so you may find yourself needing to take a nap during the day and for this, a good set of earplugs is invaluable.

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