15 Top Tourist Activities In Sydney

26633_sydney_australia-1889808Sydney is the most visited city in Australia. Founded as a British colony over 250 years ago, more exactly in 1788, Sydney has soon become one of the biggest cities on the continent. With a population of 4.5 million, the city is certainly an extremely popular place on our planet, with over 11 million tourists each new year. According to the last census, immigrants account for 3/4 of the city’s annual population growth. That is huge, indeed. Most of the people who are moving to Sydney are from South-Asian countries, but you can find plenty of Europeans and Africans. Even some people from North America decide to move to Australia because of the hassle-free style of living, friendly people and especially due to the warmth weather all year long.

For obvious reasons, tourism companies and dealers have capitalized on these facts, so any trip to Sydney is quite pricey. Not only that the price of a plane ticket to Sydney is very high, but the city itself is considered quite expensive. In fact, according to a recent survey, the largest city in Australia is among the most expensive 20 cities in the whole world. Nevertheless, we notice an ever increasing number of visitors who choose Sydney because of its groundbreaking tourist activities and the multitude of places to visit. Read on to see why you should start booking your holiday in Sydney today.

Everything You Need is in Sydney

If you’re looking for a place to go this upcoming summer, you should seriously consider Sydney, because this city certainly has it all. Excellent restaurants, vibrant nightlife, a wide selection of clubs and pubs, plenty of festivals, beautiful beaches and much more. There are literally thousands of places where you can spend your time with those dear to you. If you like festivals, you need to be aware that Sydney is the home of some of the most famous annual music festivals, including The Great Escape or Big Day Out. If you love to go to the opera, the Sydney Opera House is a must-see location.

There are a few interesting landmarks you should visit while spending your time in this beautiful city. Keep in mind the following places and try to make the most out your time in order to see as many attractions you can.

1) Harbour Bridge

This famous bridge is the largest in the world, featuring a 503 metres arch length. Dare to climb the bridge and you won’t regret, because you will be rewarded with spectacular views and a lot of adrenaline pumping through your veins. If you think it is too difficult or dangerous, climb only to the Pylon Lookout, which is placed 87 metres above the sea level. Here, you have some amazing 360 degrees views of Sydney.

2) The Opera House

Probably one of the most visited and photographed building in this gorgeous city. Take a guided tour or if you love opera book a symphony or opera concert.

3) Sydney Tower

Another must-see landmark in this huge city. From the observation deck located at 250 metres above the ground, you can enjoy breathtaking views and you can take memorable pictures. Moreover, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a tea at one of those restaurants opened 24/7. If you are looking for a real adventure, enter the Sydney Tower and see the city from a different perspective.

4) Queen Victoria Building

Another amazing place that accommodates several coffee shops, a mall, a large warehouse and many other boutiques that sell antiques or objects that will certainly remind you of your trip to Sydney. Over the centuries, this large building has suffered a series of changes, and it was even threatened to be demolished. Fortunately, it has been carefully restored and now anyone can visit it.

Having Fun and Enjoying What the Nature Has to Offer

There are other amazing places of interest in Sydney. Some you don’t want to miss are:

5) Sydney Aquarium

This is a place loved by kids of all ages. The aquarium in Sydney is one of the largest in the whole world and certainly the most famous. Here you and your family can admire over 650 species of aquatic animals from Australia. What’s really amazing is that you can actually walk through glass tunnels while fierce sharks are swimming all around you. Here, you can discover the amazing world of coral reefs, see unique species of platypus, water crocodiles, penguins and of course plenty of sharks. While exploring the aquarium, you can get a free guide book that allows you to explore different parts of the venue on your own.

6) Luna Park

This Sydney icon should be on the must-see list of any foreign visitor who comes to Sydney to explore what the city has to offer. Even if it sounds unbelievable, the entry into this huge park is FREE. Here you can spend an amazing day with all your family without wasting your money on unimportant things.

7) The Domain

This is the vast recreational area behind the Hyde Park Barracks and the Parliament. The Domain s the location of many free open-air concerts and events, so you should check if there is no concert in town during your staying, because you don’t want to miss Sarah Brightman or Linkin Park.

8) Macquarie Street

One of the most famous streets in Sydney. If you’ve been to London and you know Oxford Street, well the Macquarie street is its counterpart from Australia. On this street, in addition to plenty of shops and cafes, you can discover the Old Mint museum, Sydney Hospital, the State Library, the Parliament House, Land Titles Office and the Hyde Park Barracks.

Beautiful Beaches

There are plenty of beaches in Sydney where you can spend an amazing time with your spouse or fiancé. For example, Bondi Beach is pictured on more postcards and more TV shows and films than any other beach on the continent. Sunshine, water and sand. What can you wish more? This beach can offer the exact type of fun you and your family need. This famous beach is patrolled day and night by professional lifeguards and volunteer lifesavers. Moreover, for those who don’t want to tackle the waves, you can find some enclosed swimming pools in the southern region. Nevertheless, if you are a surfboarding fan, you really need to visit this beach.

9) Coogee beach

Coogee beach  is another famous beach in Sydney that attracts millions of visitors each summer. Featuring a paved esplanade, several cafes and restaurants, two hotels with their own bars and plenty of entertainment, this beach is a popular choice for people who love swimming.

For passionate surfers, there is no better choice than Manly. This beach located at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour is certainly the longest and wildest beaches in Sydney. This region is the ideal city escape for tourists who love windsurfing, swimming and surfboarding.

Amazing Tourist Activities Around Sydney

If you love nature and you want to taste some of its creations, spending a day or two around Sydney could prove be to an unforgettable experience. There are plenty of things to see around this beautiful city, from the famous Blue Mountains to Nan Tien Temple. The following are the 5 most amazing attractions around Sydney:

10) Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are probably the most visited place in Australia after Sydney. Blue Mountains are the home of the well-famed Three Sisters. From this rock formation, you can enjoy spectacular views . Walk through the bushes, then go down the Giant Stairway 1000 steps until you reach the valley below. Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures along the way.

11) Wentworth Waterfall

Wentworth Waterfall is probably one of the most stunning waterfalls in the whole of Australia. If you come here, you will probably never want to leave this place again. The fall has two sections and the best way to see them and to enjoy the scenery is to have a few hours of bushwalking until you can make to the Princess Rock.

12) Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves is another amazing location for those of you eager of adventure. If you are ready to be thrilled by Australia’s most impressive limestone caves, Jenolan Caves are exactly what you need. Nine unique caves are open to the public, each of them featuring spectacular lighting, splendid cave formations and underground rivers that literally amaze you. These caves feature one of the largest underground cave systems in the whole world.

13) Reptile Park

Located near Gosford on the Central Coast, this award winning park boasts with exciting wildlife shows and plenty of animal interaction. Let your children stay on the giant Galapagos tortoise and see those fierce snakes and reptiles that feel like home in their own habitats. Witness the venomous snake or have a photo with the gorgeous but deadly python or with the cute koala.

14) Nan Tien Temple

This is the largest Buddhist temple in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere. Known as the “Southern Paradise”, the Nan Tien Temple is certainly a paradise due to its amazing lotus ponds and beautiful Chinese style gardens. Here, you can experience the true delight of a healthy vegetarian meal combined with natural tea and fresh Mandarin and Chinese products.

Quality of Life

Sydney is well known for its high quality of life. In fact, according to a survey conducted in 2009 among inhabitants of huge cities and conducted by Forbes, Sydney placed 10′th on a list featuring top 20 cities in the world to live in. Cities like Tokyo, Paris, Rome, London or New York did not even make the list. Sydney ranked so high because of its amazing infrastructure and quality of life. Because the city attracts thousands of businesses each new year and a particular group of high-skilled immigrants, it has been on an ascendant trend since 2007.

What sets this unique city apart from any other city around the world is that it has the higher number of citizens who were born in other countries and on other continents. While most of them speak English, over 90% speak two or three languages. The most common languages are Chinese, Arabic and Greek.

15) Nightlife in Sydney

While visiting the Domain, Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay, Bondi Beach, Hyde Park, Chinatown, AMP Tower, Parliament House, St. Mary’s Cathedral, the Australian Museum, Powerhouse Museum, Oceanworld, State Library, Observatory Hill, Royal Botanic Gardens or Queen Victoria Building is an imperative activity during the day, you must not miss the amazing nightlife in Sydney.

There are a wide variety of clubs, cafes and bars for everyone who wants to have an unforgettable night. Sydney is a vibrant city that does not lack a wide variety of nightlife spots. We need to mention the Home nightclub, Carmen’s, The Basement, Tunnel, The Village, Arq or Soho. You can choose any of those for more fun and additional pleasant experiences.

Because the city covers such a large physical area, the choice for a club depends on the distance you want to travel, the type of music you prefer or what kind of crowd you love to mingle with.

Taking a Holiday to Sydney

If you decide to head towards Sydney this summer, you need to finalize all your travel plans. Of course, you will never run out of places to explore, attractions to see or things to do while spending your holiday in Sydney, but you need to choose the best accommodation option, the most affordable flight and have an itinerary ready.

One of the most popular choices when it comes to accommodations are furnished apartments, especially if you are getting ready to stay more than a week here. While staying at a motel or hotel can be quite pricey, noisy and stressful, renting an apartment provides you with all the benefits you have at your own home. A furnished apartment gives you the freedom to arrange your own meals, set your own hours and of course stick to your budget.

Remember that on top of all, your holiday to Sydney has to be a time of relaxation, so don’t forget to have some rest after landing. However, remember to also enjoy your nights.

In a nutshell, Sydney is probably the best place on planet Earth to visit during the summer season, but not only. Sydney is amazing all year round due to its unique scenery, modern buildings and gorgeous landscaping.

Jen Stevens is a regular traveler and Sydney is her favourite city. She loves nothing more than taking her Lancer Evolution for a spin around the Sydney coastline.