Keep Your Belongings Safe While Traveling The World In 5 Easy Steps

When you travel around the world with a small backpack you have to be very careful. It’s not like at home when you only carry a few valuable things at the same time. You are literally carrying your whole world on your shoulders and should anything happen to your belongings you might be in for a very tough time. Over the course of the year you will experience different things that put your stuff at risk. This could be the weather, or it could be someone trying to steal from you. It doesn’t really matter how your backpack and its content come to be destroyed. Once it’s all gone there’s not too much you can do. The trick is to have some things in place so you are safe no matter what happens. If you lose anything you’ll be able to replace it straight away. If someone is looking to steal something they will pass over your backpack. Let’s have a look at some cool things you can do to keep your belongings safe on the road.

Invest in a waterproof cover

When everything that’s important to you is inside your backpack you can’t run about in the rain without a waterproof cover. If you’ve not been traveling yet then wait until those tropical storms start brewing. Sometimes you have to run about in the rain because you have somewhere you need to be at a certain time. Buses and trains don’t wait for anyone and a soaking wet backpack could mean a ruined laptop and anything else that’s electronic.

Use a padlock

When you go through the airports you need to have a padlock on your bag. This is because any of the luggage handlers can quickly open up your bag and take out anything valuable. This happens all over the world and it’s not just poorer countries where you can fall victim. Nobody can get into your bag when it has a padlock. Just make sure you don’t use one when traveling by bus in poor countries, because if they can’t get in the will slice your bag open with a knife.

Install keylogger software

When you have your laptop with you it’s important to know what’s happening with it. You’ll meet people on the road and you don’t really know them. You might think they are nice people, but you’ve only just met them. They might ask you for a go on you laptop and what do you say? You might have to let them if you want to be friendly, but use keylogger software just to check they weren’t doing anything that could get you in trouble. You can’t risk that in a strange country.

Wear a money belt

There’s going to be people all around you who will try taking your money. Some people don’t have as much as you and being a pickpocket is an occupation to them. This is especially true in big European cities, but it also happens everywhere else in the world. If you wear a money belt it’s nearly impossible for anyone to take your money without you noticing. The last thing you need is to be stuck somewhere with nothing.

Get a Dropbox account

There’s going to be things you need to take away with you that can’t get lost. The only problem is when you do lose them and you don’t have any copies. You can scan things like your passport and driving license and keep them safe in a Dropbox account. The same goes for any special numbers and passwords you need to keep safe. If anything happens you can go into an Internet café and get anything back in a few minutes.

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