Vehicle Checks Before You Go On A Road Trip

If you are planning on going on a road trip any time soon, it is essential that you prepare your car so that it is safe for the journey. Whether you are only planning a short distance trip or a trip that is going to last for weeks, it is essential that your car is going to be road worthy to complete this journey.

Full Vehicle Check

It is important that you complete a full vehicle check, during this check you should make a note of anything that will need fixing or altering before you head off on your road trip. If you are not quite sure what you are looking at, you should book your car in with your local mechanic so that they can complete the check for you.

Fluid Levels

If you do know what you are looking at, then it is possible for you to complete the check on your own. The first thing you should check are the fluid levels in your car, you should check that they are all topped up. If you notice anything unusual, such as a white liquid in your engine oil, you should take it to your local mechanic to double check over it. The last thing you want is to be stranded miles away from home with a broken down car.


The next thing you should check are the tyres, it is important that your tyres are going to be road worthy. As you are going to be driving many miles, it is essential that your current tyres are going to last for the entire journey. You should inspect your tyres for any tears or bulges, if you do come across any you should avoid driving your car and get them changed immediately.

You should also check that the tyres have a good amount of tread left; you can do this by completing a visible check or using a tyre gauge.


You should have already noticed if there are any problems with your brakes, if you have noticed that they are quite spongy or not as sharp as they should be then you should take your car down to a garage. If you are driving a far distance then you are going to need to use your brakes quite a bit, the last thing you want is for them to stop working.


Driving for long distances can be very dangerous; this is why you should always prepare for an emergency. You should pack a first aid kit, a torch, a blanket and some basic tools.

Dominic planned to go on a road in the summer but his car was not safe enough. She instead contacted and leased a personal car.

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