Top 3 things to do on a Vegas stag do

Vegas is a great place for a stag do abroad  (or bachelor party for all the Americans out there!) It’s got clubs (both the dancing kind and the stripping kind), more casinos than you can shake a stick at (whatever that means) and so much food you’d need a lifetime to eat it all. Problem is the place is so vast that it can be a bit daunting when it comes to deciding what you should do. Especially if you’ve only got a weekend to do it all in, so we’ve gathered all the best things and condensed them down to the top 3 things – all in one nifty blog post

Without a doubt – gambling was going to make on the list. You can’t go to Vegas and not gamble. It’s not…right. The city as built on the foundations of gambling! So head over to what many still consider to be the biggest and the best casino in town –Caesars Palace. Saying that though the Golden Nugget does have a unique feature (aside from its impressive gambling  arena) it has a water slide that goes through a shark tank! If that doesn’t get you excited then I don’t know what will…

Travel round the world

Aside from the famous Las Vegas strip itself, the city is well known for its replica landmarks. Don’t believe us there’s a New York New York, a fake Eiffel tower and the city even has its own little Venice complete with gondola rides! If however you want to stick to American and Vegas themed landmarks then make sure you visit the Viva Las Vegas Chapel for Elvis impersonators  (just make sure the groom doesn’t get too drunk and marry some random woman!)

Dance, dance!

Known for attracting world class DJ’s, Vegas is now considered to be one of the top places for nightclubs in the world. The very popular XS club is always packed with the beautiful and famous (the kind you won’t find at your local Bournemouth stag do!) There’s also the Haze club and The Bank which has both fantastic drinks and a great atmosphere. Night time not your thing? Then go to a Vegas day club – Marquee is a firm favourite.

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