How To Locate A Top Notch Hotel In Hull


A very good friend of mine recently asked if I would do the honour of being his best man. I have to say that this request came as somewhat of a shock as I had imagined that he would have asked his brother. But was it a happy shock? Well if I am being honest the answer to that question would have to be a big NO! Why? Mainly due to the fact that I really dislike having to speak in front of large groups of people – the dreaded best man’s speech! But first of all I had to organise the stag do – we decided to spend the weekend in Hull as our favourite football team were playing Hull City on the Saturday afternoon. In this article I will be explaining the way in which I managed to locate a really high quality hotel Hull for our stay.

At the outset I spoke and asked a number of the people that I knew such as my mum and dad to see whether they could recommend a hotel. But strangely enough not one of them had ever visited Hull let alone stayed there.

I then turned to the ever reliable world wide web and starting searching for hotels this way. I am a person that adores surfing the web therefore this was not exactly a choir for me. After spending quite a lot of time reading the many hotel reviews and searching for the best deals I finally decided upon a hotel.

I then continued my searching this time for restaurants in Hull – as we would need plenty of food to soak down all of that alcohol!

We have now returned from our weekend in Hull and a brilliant time was had by all – Hull is a lovely place and I would most certainly recommend other people to visit the city. I am now searching for a hotel Bournemouth as that is where I am going on my next planned trip.