Working Abroad for Six Months – Have You Thought of Everything Where Money is Concerned?

Working abroad is an enticing option for many people who want to help others, explore new nations, and have an unforgettable experience while learning and growing as individuals.  Unlike working for a large company or institution at home, working abroad can expose you to people, places, foods, and cultures that you may never have experienced in your lifetime otherwise.

working-abroad-money-9728327Whether you are planning on teaching abroad or helping to heal those who are sick, or if you are planning on working in a field involving environmental conservation and animal or wildlife rescue, there are many things to consider before applying for your dream job in a country that could possibly be halfway across the globe from where you currently reside.

Though working abroad is a great resume booster because it helps to differentiate you from all other prospective employees, you need to make several considerations before departing on your journey.  Before you even begin applying for work in a particular nation, do your research to learn as much about the people, their food, and their culture, in addition to their environment, such as living and working conditions.

You will need to know how to speak the native language of the country you will be working in, with the ability to at least have basic conversations to get around and ask people for help or instruct them with your own directions.

Have a good understanding of the country’s climate, so that you know what clothing to pack and what you can expect during the time of year you will be staying there.  For example, you will want to be prepared if there are storm threats during certain seasons or if the weather is very cold or very hot throughout much of the year.

Other Expenses to Consider

While working abroad, you will be making a salary, but you will also have expenses, including the cost of accommodations if they are not provided as part of your salary by your employer, as well as food, clothing, and travel.  Monetary expenses become even more significant if you plan on working abroad as an unpaid volunteer, because you will need to bring enough funds with you to get you through the entire period of time you are staying in that country.  Also have a plan in place for accessing more funds in the event you need them.

Health Coverage While You Are Away

Make sure to receive any necessary inoculations prior to traveling to your destination, but also purchase some temporary health insurance that is valid abroad if your primary health insurance provider does not cover you when you are in another country.

It is best to maintain your native country’s health insurance plan, if you have one, and then purchase a supplemental temporary plan that will cover any medical emergencies that occur overseas, which can be quite expensive.  These plans are easy to apply for and are quite affordable, and they will provide you with the necessary coverage and peace of mind while working abroad.

Working abroad for a few months can definitely be a life-changing and enriching experience, and one that you will never forget.  But, in addition to everything else you would need to bring with you on your journey, do not forget to apply for temporary health insurance in case of a medical emergency.

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