The Definitive List for Paintball Sites around London

Paintballing is a hugely popular activity to do on a stag weekend but the experience can vary massively. Everyone has been to the centres where the paintballs don’t pop, the goggles incessantly fog up or the gun constantly jams. Any one of these issues can ruin your afternoon, or worse the stags, but does anyone actually know where the best places are – or is it just pot luck?

There are certainly sites which have a better reputation than others. For starters the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation (UKPSF) approve sites, if they don’t meet basic safety measures and standards they don’t get approved. So it is advised that if they don’t have the UKPSF stamp of approval, don’t use that venue.


Some of the best venues in the country can be found around the capital, perfect if you’re on a stag do in London. All of these sites use top equipment from balls to goggles.

The National Paintball Site at Sidcup

This arena places emphasis on the fighting experience itself with mock explosions and RPGs to create a more authentic military environment. The site also has paintball gun turrets and rocket launchers too, just for good measure. You’ll be using standard equipment including semi automatic guns. A day at the Sidcup location offers 10 scenarios to play.

Skirmish Paintball at Bullswood

Providing Rage goggles which are fog free, they also use the Piranha Paintball gun which does not jam. The site also offers protection, including body armour and protective gloves – they come with an additional fee. For added entertainment the site also offers paint and smoke grenades which are well worth the cost. There are nine separate arenas of warfare here.

Mayhem at Abridge

Mayhem models itself on Call of Duty, so any COD fans should recognise some of the scenarios. There are numerous war vehicles from tanks to aeroplanes which make great cover. There are fifteen different maps, not all of which are COD based, to play during your day here. The organisers provide thermal goggles which do not fog up and semi automatic weapons. The site also comes with showers and toilets; this is a great facility for stags looking to go straight into London for the night out.

The final two places, of the top five paintball sites around London, have a history of being popular with the celebrities. Campaign and Delta Force could well be the most well recognised sites in the area.

Campaign at Cobham

Campaign supply double lens goggles to prevent fogging up, alongside highest quality standard equipment. Chelsea and Fulham FC have both taken the trip here as has the Harlequins rugby team. Kate Middleton, Lewis Hamilton, Andy Murray and Simon Amstell have also been spotted here with many others too. There are ten separate fighting arenas and they have really gone to town with some of them. The fully themed areas are brilliant and set the scene for some high-class entertainment.

Delta Force at Effingham

Let’s start with the basics; Delta Force issue full head protection, not just face masks. They have anti fog lenses and everyone is provided with the Inferno semi-automatics. The Hamel Hempstead venue hosted Prince William’s stag do activity. Delta Force has quite a few more sites than Campaign so its celeb list looks more impressive hosting the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United, Bolton Wanderers, the McLaren F1 team, Leeds Rhinos, Elle Macpherson, Gordon Ramsey, Boris Johnson and Paddy McGuinness, amongst others.  There are eight themed fighting zones, smoke and paint grenades are available as are MK5 thunderflashes.

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