Steakhouses in Dubai – Not What You May Expect

Steak cooked on a BBQ and the Islamic Call to Prayer may not seem to have much in common, but a visit to Dubai soon reveals that both are on the menu if you visit this modern rich Muslim state which is often referred to as a city due to its small size.

Dubai is the second largest of the United Arab Emirates and is located in the South Eastern section of the Arabian Peninsula.  Dubai has a colourful past that links it with its Arabian roots and its colonial past.  A major international business hub, this oil rich country attracts visitors from around the world for both business and pleasure.  In 2010, Dubai was the 10th most popular city in the world.  Despite its rich oil supplies, its ruler has developed a state that has its focus on tourism and grand hotels, spectacular architecture and huge shopping malls have united to form its reputation as arguably the  fastest growing city in the world.

The Appeal of the City

Having arrived at Dubai International Airport, most people choose to hire a car to explore the city.  Extremely high temperatures and a lot of shopping malls make this the best and most comfortable way to see the sights and enjoy the bargains to be found.  You can also use public transport, which can be slow at times, but do take note of local customs as on the bus services women and children sit at the front of the buses in reserved seating.

Once in the city you will have plenty of sights to see including Burj Al Arab Arabian Tower, the world’s tallest building, the gold souks (markets) and the beautiful Jumeriah Mosque.  The Dubai Museum contains many fascinating artefacts and is well worth a visit.

Night Life and Dining in Dubai

Having explored the city by day, there is plenty to keep the atmosphere of this city alive at night.  Arabs are well known for their love of eating and talking well into the early hours of the morning.  Restaurants in Dubai open their doors and welcome locals and visitors to enjoy a mix of traditional  Arabic foods and an equally delicious spread of more western styled foods.

Eating in Dubai is both a reminder that the emirate is a Muslim state and an appreciation of the accommodation of western culture into the lifestyle of the city.  Alcohol is only served in the big hotel restaurants and not in ordinary restaurants and if you travel to Dubai during Ramadan, do remember than food is only served between sunset and sunrise and only in the bigger restaurants.

Steak lovers will appreciate the increasing emphasis that steak is having on the menus of both larger and smaller restaurants.  Arguably, the best five restaurants serving steak in the city and easily located on tourist maps  are  1) Seafire , 2)  JW’s Steakhouse, 3) Asado  4)Grand Grill and 5)Ruth’s Chris.  So indulge your appetite and your senses, grab a car and come explore this state where modern meets ancient in an almost surreal desert setting.

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