Some of the Most Exciting Bars in the World


The world is a truly fantastic and incredibly varied place, and this is evident in the number of bars it has (not what normal follows on from those statement huh?). If you have so far only ever enjoyed drinking in your local pub – maybe on occasion venturing down the road when you’re feeling brave and energetic – then you haven’t really lived, and you haven’t experienced beer in all of its diversity.

There are some places where you can get a cold beer and enjoy incredible views, or be amazed at wonderful cultures. Beer is something that you can find in the strangest of places and the most remote locations which is a testament to the ingenuity of mankind as well as our hankering for alcohol.

Here then we will look at some of the most incredible places to drink beer and some of the places that combine the most amazing experiences with the best beer.

Ba Hàng Bar: If you have ever watched BBC’s Top Gear then you might have seen Ba Hàng Bar in the ‘Vietnam Special’. Here Jeremy and the crew raced to a floating village/bar in Halong bay using amphibious vehicles they made by crossing rafts with motorbikes. The bar stole the show though as did the bay – filled with emerald waters it is a natural wonder, and the surrounding islands are equally as beautiful. The bar itself is of course hard to reach which is part of what makes it so special, but even more impressive is the fact that the residents never leave the floating village. They are born on this tiny raft, they live and work there and they die without ever going onto dry land. An incredible place to enjoy a beer and incredible people to share a beer with.

Rock Bar: Based in Bali, Spain, this is a bar which required a dramatic cable car ride down a cliff face to reach. This is a great start, and from there you will then be drinking beer while hanging 46 feet above the crashing waves on a balcony. There are also some great live DJs here, and it’s a cool place to grab a cocktail.

New York Bar: The New York Bar in Tokyo was actually used as the set for the film ‘Lost in Translation’. If you want to recreate that feeling of isolation and reflection that the film so perfectly captures then where better to do it? This rooftop venue is set on the 52nd floor of Park Hyatt, and has stunning views over the rest of the city. You’ll also get live jazz bands and a great ambiance. It’s just a shame that Scarlett Johansson probably won’t be there.

Sky Bar: The Sky bar is situated at the 63rd floor of The Dome at State Tower in Bangkok. This is a great place to come if you want your jaw to drop, not only because of the once again incredible view, but also because of the futuristic neon design of the bar that sees the whole place glowing like a scene from Tron.

Ice Bar: There are a number of ice bars around the world these days, and if you want a cheap place to enjoy a very cold beer then you should hit the bar in Rome. However if you want to do this properly you should go to the Ice Hotel in Copenhagen. Even the glasses in these bars are made from ice.

The Rooftop Bar: While none of the bars and pubs on this list have been exactly normal, the Rooftop bar in Puebla Mexico arguably takes the biscuit with little glass tunnels filled with water going around the perimeter of the bar through which guests can swim. Like a human aquarium – where you can get beer of course.

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