River and Jungle Nepal Holidays

trisuli-river-300x224-2541152If you are on the hunt for a mixture of river and jungle for your next holiday, then a trek or tour through Nepal would be absolutely ideal for you. Asides from stunning scenes, rich history and culture, Nepal is not only home to Mount Everest but also home to some of the most beautiful jungles and challenging rivers that the world has to offer. Trekking in Nepal is widely considered to be of the best quality in the world, and it is this combination of jungles and rivers that you will see on a trek through the country that is what is most amazing about a Nepal tours.

Trisuli River

The Trisuli River is usually trekked across on route to the Chitwan National Park. It is a wide river in the Terai region of Nepal, and the weather is incredibly sunny but cool at the same time, so you will need jackets and trousers to cross. Crossing the river is usually done by raft so make sure you have waterproofed your essentials and packed a first aid kit just in case. As you pass through the river you will see locals gold panning and other kayaks from tourists crossing. It could be that you cross the Trisuli river by suspension bridge, which is a narrow and rather unstable looking bridge that stretches all the way across. Do not worry though, the Trisuli River bridge is a lot more robust and sturdy than it looks and feels! Another common site along the river are the ‘human ambulances’, these are people who strap sick and frail people to their backs and carry them to assistance.

Also worth noticing on the Trisuli River are the tightropes along which ski-lift type devices have been created so that individuals can take a trip over the river. The novel thing about these lifts is that they are man-powered, so you will be slowly pulled across by a man as you sit in a wooden cage to observe the view.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is another treasure to be found when trekking through Nepal. Home of a giant lake in which elephants can be seen having a bath and drinking, this natural reserve is as untouched as possible making it a haven for trekkers every year. Chitwan National park is regarded as one of the best national parks in Asia and spans 932 square kilometres is home to a unique eco system. In the North West area of the park there is an Islam surrounded by Jungle which you can trek through. Walking through the park is as close to walking through an untouched jungle as possible. The forest is home to an abundance of wildlife, and tamed elephants will trek through the jungle and walk through the park on elephant back, allowing you to trek through with a fantastic view of the fauna and wildlife.  Trekking here will allow you to spot the one horned rhinoceros and Bengal tiger. The jungle walk allows you to explore several different areas to spot animals at your own pace.

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