Making The Best of Your Tuscan Tour


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Tuscany is such a big hit in the vacationing landscape that you might be one of those that in the recent past have delighted in touring its wonderful countryside, or are considering doing so.
However, when places get greatly popular and many tourists start visiting them, it often happens that some unscrupulous tour operators craft scanty and redundant tours for Tuscany first timers while advertising them as the ultimate opportunity to take advantage of.

Here you will find a few easy tips to follow and be happy in Tuscany without spending a fortune. These are general rules, but will give you a few pointers to create a self catered holiday in Tuscany or recognize a real deal proposed to you by an operator.

Avoid the beaten path
This might sound redundant. Everyone tells you should avoid the beaten path and choose places that few others choose as their itinerary. But what does it mean in real terms? Does it mean you have to avoid main cities like Florence or Siena, shopping malls and the likes? Nope, it means that you should make a choice of when to visit big hit spots. Florence is very crowded during summer months, but those are also the hottest days. Choose mid spring or early autumn to be in a famous Tuscan city. You will have more room to move around, cheaper staying prices and a more comfortable temperature. On the other hand, you may also pick places that are off the main tourist path, such as the splendid seaside, which offers a myriad of thrilling Etruscan towns and medieval boroughs to fall in love with. Names such as Populonia, Tirli, Marina di Pietrasanta are just a glimpse of what expects you along the 600 kilometers of crystal clear waters to admire from one of the many villas on Tuscany coast.

Choose the right type of accommodation
The region offers more than ten thousand accommodations among hotels, Tuscan villas and apartments for self catering holidays, bed and breakfasts, camps and rooms. What kind of traveler are you? Ask yourself this important question, as it may make all the difference when planning for your get away in Tuscany. If you love large spaces and privacy, private villas are definitely for you. Those searching for a their own space without the need of absolute privacy, can go for self catering apartments. However, if being pampered for you is more important than space and independence, hotels and bed and breakfasts must be your choice. Camps are to be found all over the region and offer several kinds of accommodations, from simple tent space to full size bungalows for several people.

City Vs Countryside
Make sure you are in the setting that fulfills your relax needs. There is a lot of talk about country villas and renovated stone farmhouses, but will that be your ideal retreat? I remember a Chinese couple that asked to be brought to the hospital after a mosquito bite. It may be absurd, but small things like these make your holiday a success or a nightmare. If the city with its noises, crowd and busy streets is what reassures you, go for it. Tuscany offers plenty for any liking, with museums, cultural centers and folklore both in the country and city scape.

I hope this simple advice helps you get a clear picture of what your next holiday in Tuscany should offer to you.

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