How to Save on Flight costs by Flying to Smaller Regional Airports

Did you know you can get cheaper flights by using the small regional airports? Well, now you do! Regional airports also have several other advantages over mainstream airports as well such as they are easier to get to and you can avoid crowds and waiting time. So the next time you take a flight, take a look at what is available at your nearest regional airport.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of flying to and from the small regional airports is the cost factor. Even though you are still likely to be flying with a recognised airline the prices are much more affordable and realistic.


Cheap flights, we all want them.

Airfares to mainstream airports are inconsistent, and thus unpredictable. The reason for this is because air companies deliberately book too many people on a flight because the stats show that 5 percent of people don´t show up. Thus by overbooking, airlines get paid the full quota for a packed flight, plus an extra 5%.

However, if they still have spare seats the prices then fluctuate dramatically, even in the space of 20 minutes they can drop by around £150. Like with most major businesses airlines conduct their affairs based on profit margin. You simply don´t know what you are going to get charged from one flight to the next.

Guaranteed cheaper airfares from regional airports

Airlines departing from regional airports however don´t have the problem of filling their flight to capacity as there are far fewer passengers anyway. It´s rare for a plane to reach its capacity thus the prices are offered at a more consistent basis – and to make the flights more attractive the fares are significantly lower and more affordable than flights leaving from the national airports.

The downside to using regional airports is they don´t have as many flight options overseas, although there are some European cities that connect to regional airports in other countries so is worth investigating.  But if you are taking an internal flight you should certainly be looking to save money off your holiday by flying to the regional airports.

In order to find the alternatives search the comparison sites, but ask the booking engines like Kayak, Travelocity and eBookers to “compare surrounding airports.” You will be surprised what you might find. You should also ask about discounts for students, senior citizens and if you are under 26.

Other advantages of regional airports

Major airport hubs are usually situated around big cities where traffic is pretty dense at the best of times. Therefore it is more likely you will get stuck in traffic, particularly at peak times. Regional airports are more often than not tucked away in the quieter rural areas where you won´t encounter traffic whatsoever and will actually enjoy a pleasant drive.


It’s not stupid to save money off the cost of your flights.

One thing you should check however, is the distance to your destination from the regional airport, and weigh up the costs of getting there against the amount you save on the flight. It may be that additional travel expenses are not worth it.

Another advantage of small regional airports is you will avoid massive crowds, thus don´t have to be there two hours before you fly to check-in or wait in a long line slowly shuffling your bags along the queue to check-in.


Regional airports may not have the vast selection of facilities larger airports do, but they are certainly more cost effective and convenient.

Image credits: monkeypuzzle and Tom Raftery.

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