Would You Risk Your Life Trekking Through The Amazon Rainforest?

Do you remember when you were in school and you learned about the Amazon Rainforest? Your teacher probably got you to draw pictures of all the strange animals to put on the wall. Maybe you even decorated the class in green so you actually thought you were there. I bet it felt great. When you first discover such a place exists it seems pretty surreal. It’s almost like a whole different world. How would you ever survive if someone dropped you in the middle of it and asked you to find your way out?

Once you grow up you forget all about it. Now the Amazon Rainforest is just another place with lots of animals. But not for some people. For some they have the urge to go there themselves and find out what it’s all about. See if they can survive. Go down the Amazon River and see if they get eaten by a crocodile. Well it’s now accessible. You have access to money and can easily buy a plane ticket for the short trip down. Why don’t you go, and you could experience everything below.

Trekking through the jungle


Join up with a guided group and explore the jungle by foot. Make your way through the treacherous floor of the rainforest as you see species of wildlife you’ve only dreamed about. Make sure you have your camera ready as there are photo opportunities you don’t want to miss. Don’t worry about getting eaten alive. Your guide will be a professional and know how to keep you safe.

Take a ride up the river


Make your way up the Amazon River on a motorized canoe. The motor is in case you come across anything scary and you need to get out of there in a hurry. That might be a joke; might not. It’s what you would have dreamed about as a child. Going up the river and you look into the thick jungle for any wild animals looking at you. Well it’s about to come true.

Is that an alligator?

Again, you can join up with a professional tour guide who will take you hunting for alligators when the sun goes down. As if hunting for alligators in the daylight wasn’t enough. Of course during these kind of tours you are only going for the experience. You won’t be killing anything, which means you don’t have to get too close. Still, coming face to face with one in the dark is scary enough.

A nice spot of fishing


What’s the craziest fish you have even caught? Unless it was a shark then it’s nothing to shout about. Deep inside the jungle you can go fishing for piranhas. The fish that could eat you alive before you even knew what was happening. Make sure you don’t fall out of the boat. In fact, I’d tie yourself in, just to be sure. It will be a great story to tell the grandchildren. You could even take one back as a souvenir and put it on your wall.

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