Preparing and Planning For Your Golf Holiday


Playing golf is something that is a dream fit for holiday activities. Here is a sport that challenges you to hit a ball across the most beautiful and dynamic landscapes – spending the whole time basking in the local climate and getting you to interact with the scenery. Many of our other holiday activities involve doing things around the hotel or in other tourist areas, but this way you get to see what the actual landscape and terrain of your chosen destination is like and you get a lot more experience of the country as a result.

At the same time playing golf abroad is the ideal way to test your abilities in a new course and to increase your experience by playing world famous courses that the pros will have challenged before you and that you may even have seen on TV.

If you are sold by all that then you may find yourself already planning your Golding holiday, but if you haven’t done one before then you may be left wondering how to go about accomplishing this. Here we will look at how to plan a golf holiday that can’t go wrong and what considerations you need to take into account before you leave.


When you go on a Golding holiday you of course need to choose a location that is known for its golf courses and that has courses and resorts you’d like to play on. You may find in some cases that you can’t choose your exact location in which case it is prudent to look for courses in the area and read reviews before you leave. If you are choosing the destination though, then make sure to pick somewhere that has lots to offer and that trumps other destinations for the best courses. Try to pick the courses based on the difficulty and your expertise, as well as how unique and well rated they are.



Once you’ve decided all this, first of all you need to consider your transport but also the transport for your clubs. These are rather large and heavy utensils that certainly can’t fly as hand luggage so you need to come up with a plan. The obvious plan is to buy a good case that is designed for carrying clubs and then putting them on as luggage – you can either pay more for this or attempt to fit your other luggage into your carry-on bag. Either way it will be a little tricky to carry around though still, so if you have the funds you can always opt to use a courier service to deliver the clubs to your destination for you and then meet them there.


There are plenty of great places to go and stay, but if you really want to make the focus of the trip golfing then you might consider staying at a golf resort so that you are right by the action. These will often also have club houses and shops etc. too, and such luxuries will help you to have a dream holiday if you are a real fanatic.


You will also want to play against someone when you’re out there of course though, so either look into travelling with a friend who is similarly keen as a golfer, or look at the various organized golf holidays you can opt for.


Before you go make sure to get in lots of practice, this way you will be certain to be at the top of your game when you arrive and to make the most of the trip. After all it will probably be a while before you come back…

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