Going to a Festival This Summer? Here’s How You Can Save!

Do you love visiting festivals? This is a great way to hear and experience new and upcoming bands, popular sounds, and innovative underground trends.

If you’re planning on attending any major even this vacation season, use these tips to plan your budget accordingly to make sure that six dollar bottle of water won’t break the bank.

Save on Lodging


One of the biggest expenses during this festival is the cost of lodging. Hotels and resorts raise their rates when expecting a sell-out crowd. Instead of attempting to arm wrestle a hotel chain to avoid exorbitant rates, consider renting a home. These are either full-time residences or vacation homes, and you get the extra benefit of affordable rental rates. During a stressful vacation, nothing is better than returning to the peace, quiet, and privacy of an actual home when your busy day is over.

When selecting a rental property, choose to be as close or as far away from the action as you want. Parking is already established, and your entire party will have the exclusive use of any included amenities like washers and dryers, showers, and maybe even a pool. This is a great way to eliminate some of the stress associated with attending a large event.

Additional Savings

Try these additional tips to eliminate stress and save cash while attending this exciting event:

Bring your own food.


There is nothing wrong with brown bagging your lunch for the day. Since you will have access to a kitchen, you can prepare your own healthy and affordable meals. This is a huge cost-saving opportunity, as food and beverages at the event are marked up significantly.

Take pictures, and not a t-shirt.


Pictures can last forever, but that high priced t-shirt only has 20 good washes in it. Souvenirs are one of the biggest money makers at these events. Many people are shocked to see a one dollar undershirt with a silk-screened design priced at $30 dollars or more. Take your time when deciding what to purchase. This can be an expensive endeavor, and one that can be easily avoided.

Come early and stay late, or not.


This festival is hopping all day long, so your arrival time is up to you. By staying close to the action, you could be within walking distance from the festival. This is the biggest stress reliever as you can avoid the parking fiasco, enter when you’re ready, and even sleep in if you so choose.

Saving time and money is everyone’s biggest concern, not just the weary traveler. Consider renting a home rather than a hotel room. This allows you more freedom and privacy, so when you are tired, you can return to your home away from home to simply relax and recharge. Use the cost saving tips listed above to turn this potentially expensive endeavor into a cost-effective adventure. If you can return home with your savings account and credit rating intact, your memories of this music-lover’s paradise will be even sweeter.

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