A Tale of Two Cities


Of course everyone knows these two cities play host to two of the best known universities in the world. But each one’s appeal shouldn’t end here. The architecture for a start is a astonishing. In both of the cities tall towers loom up out of the trees and buildings and spires reach up towards the sky. They are the kind of small English cities where every small ally leads to a new cafe or park, and round each corner is a tiny vintage clothes store or bookshop. A trip down the Cam (Cambridge) or the Cherwell (Oxford) allows you to see the cities at a new angle in the comfort of a punt, complete with your own boat man.

One of the great things about Cambridge and Oxford is that they a relatively cheap places to stay. Due to the amount of students that are there, drink, restaurants and clubbing is inexpensive compared to other British cities and you can easily stay in a rented apartment from Wimdu that offers central locations in the city. Because of this, the nightlife is plentiful and there is a large choice of clubs and bars. Obviously, Cambridge andOxford are best known for their univerisity colleges and these are an attraction in themself. To avoid the entrance fee, befriend a passing student and your in. College recomendations include St John’s and King’s at Cambridgeand Christchurch and Trinity at Oxford. I would always recomend Christchurch because this, (in keeping with British tradition) was where the Harry Potter films were shot. For all of you that are history buffs, St John’s library is home to hundred year old manuscripts and its prize exhibit, The King James Bible.

I could honestly say that I would love to be a student at Oxbridge, if not just to beable to live in such a beautiful place. If not that, then each offers a wealth of culture and diversity mixed in with traditional ‘Englishness’ which every tourist would love. They are truly inspiraitonal places to visit and easy to find places to stay thanks to Wimdu.co.uk. Of course it is best to go in the summer when the British weather is at its best although winter also offers glorious walks round the two cities.

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